Enhanced Perforate, Wash & Cement (PWC) Method In P&A Wells


PETRONAS is seeking innovative solutions for an efficient approach in conducting the Perforate, Wash, & Cement (PWC) method with a high success rate to remove more than 70% of old cement.


Winner: Integratus Maintenance Services Sdn Bhd
The challenge received encouraging participation from both local and international companies. Upon a comprehensive assessment by a panel of internal subject matter experts, C4 (Cut, Centralise, Clean, Cement) PWC system proposed by Integratus Maintenance Services Sdn Bhd has been chosen as the winning solution.

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C4 PWC System consists of four main components in a single tool, i.e., Mega Packer Casing Expander, Gator Perforator, Jackhammer and Packer diverter system. The system is safe by using explosive free mechanical perforating, allowing for a controlled depth of penetration. The application of this technology will reduce the total operation time by eliminating the miss fire of explosive charges during perforation, effective clean out with high force jetting, and vibration of the casing from the Jackhammer and forced flow through B-annulus for the effective cleanout and cementing process. The technology guarantees total displacement of annular fluids in a single run while maintaining complete integrity of the well throughout the process. Having a small space footprint that can operate via jointed pipe or coil tubing deployment is advantageous for this winning technology solution.
Congratulations, Integratus Maintenance Services Sdn Bhd, and we look forward to the deployment of the technology. Our heartiest gratitude to all participants for your continuous support in the PETRONAS Technology Challenge.