Inspection Method For Cement Assessment Behind Multiple Steel Barrier In P&A Wells


PETRONAS is seeking innovative inspection tools that can assess cement integrity and verify cement quality behind multiple steel layers during online well Plug & Abandonment procedures.


Winner: Probe Technology Services Inc.
The challenge received encouraging participation from both local and international companies. Upon a comprehensive assessment by a panel of internal subject matter experts, Multi-String Isolation Logging (MSIL™) technology proposed by Probe Technology Services Inc. has been chosen as the winning solution.

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The technique of the winning solution is by utilising an arrangement of receivers and a high-power transmitter to acquire a full array of digitised acoustic waveforms. The MSIL™ receives six independent signals: one 3-ft Omni-directional, one 5-ft Omni-directional and four 3-ft segmented signals. The answer product is a zone-isolation log & map that identifies the isolation at the casing and cement boundary without the need to remove the production tubing from the well. Using proprietary algorithms, the signal from the case is effectively extracted by filtering out from the tubing arrivals. This helps lower operational costs compared to conventional technology by reducing rig time for casing and tubing cut.
PETRONAS applauds Probe Technology Services Inc. and looks forward to the deployment of the technology. Our heartiest gratitude to all participants for your continuous support and participation in PETRONAS Technology Challenge.