Inspection Technique Of Non-Metallic Underground Piping


PETRONAS is seeking an effective inspection technique that can assess the integrity of non-metallic underground piping. The solution should be able to accurately determine, analyse, and interpret the condition of the non-metallic underground piping without having to excavate and expose the piping for remediation works.


Winner: Electro Scan Inc.
The challenge received strong participation from both local and international companies. Upon a comprehensive assessment by a panel of internal subject matter experts, the “Machine-Intelligent Pipe Condition Assessment” technology proposed by Electro Scan Inc has been chosen as the winning solution.

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The winning solution utilises a low-voltage, high-frequency electrical current to fully assess non-metallic pipe diameters ranging from 25-2000mm (1-70 inches). Electro Scan has pioneered and re-engineered the technology to evaluate full-length 360-degree pipe wall integrity, including identifying and measuring leaks expressed in gallons per minute or litres per second. It is also equipped with CCTV to assess the visual condition of the piping system. The winning technology can perform the online inspection without shutdown or downtime to operation, doesn’t require excavation to expose the piping system, can inspect water and hydrocarbon piping system, a wide range of piping diameter and rapid scanning up to 1km per survey.
PETRONAS applauds Electro Scan Inc and looks forward to the deployment of the technology. Our heartiest gratitude to all participants for their participation and continuous support in PETRONAS Technology Challenge.