Onshore Hydrocarbon Recovery from Sludge


In the petroleum industry, processing crude oil annually generates massive quantities of oily sludge during the various stages of crude oil operations from exploration to refining. Oily sludge is a complex mixture of numerous components such as petroleum hydrocarbons, water, heavy metals and solid particles. Its composition is dependent on the composition of the stored crude, storage conditions, storage period and the design and mechanical conditions of the storage tank. Owing to its hazardous nature and associated waste management difficulties, oily sludge has become a critical problem in most crude oil terminals and refineries.
Development of treatment strategies for oily sludge to reduce their environmental burden has received increased global attention.


Winner: TiME MARINE Services Sdn Bhd
PETRONAS congratulates TiME MARINE Services Sdn Bhd on winning our 3rd installment of the Technology Challenge of Onshore Hydrocarbon Recovery from Sludge.
PETRONAS has recognised the issue of waste management as a perennial concern during crude oil processing. In this process, a waste composite, alternatively known as oily sludge, is generated during the various stages of crude oil operations from exploration to refining. Unfortunately, the practice today is such that the oily sludge is disposed without further treatment. Earnest efforts should be focused on the current technologies of oil recovery to improve oil utilisation and efficiency in order to reduce environmental burdens with regards to sludge disposal. 

Onshore Hydrocarbon Recovery from Sludge‚Äč

The PETRONAS Technology Challenge was launched to identify an innovative solution to the issue. After rigorous research, TiME MARINE Services Sdn Bhd proposed to us a solution consisting of a biodegradable chemical and mechanical technologies that can effectively recover hydrocarbon, water and other solids from the oily sludge. The proposed solution will also see to the reduction of cost and minimisation of original disposal to the third-party waste management body.
Evaluated by panels of subject matter experts, the proposed solution has undergone comprehensive assessment in order to finally be identified as one that has successfully met the objectives of the challenge.
We applaud TiME MARINE Services Sdn Bhd for its inspiring ideas, and look forward to collaborating for the further development and deployment of the said technology. 
Our heartiest gratitude to all who visited Innovation Gateway at our PETRONAS website with expressed interest to participate in the challenge. We look forward to your continues interest and participation in our next installment of the PETRONAS Technology Challenge.