Organic Acid Corrosion Prevention & Mitigation for Carbon Steel Topside Piping & Equipment

Technology Challenge 11: Organic Acid Corrosion Prevention & Mitigation for Carbon Steel Topside Piping & Equipment



PETRONAS is seeking for an innovative, effective and robust preventive technology solutions to prevent & mitigate organic acid corrosion to the carbon steel upstream topside piping systems and equipment. 


In fulfilling such expectations, the proposed solutions should meet the following requirements:

  • Prevention & mitigation of organic acid with minimum interruption to the process
  • Capable to identify suitable corrosion control methods against organic acid corrosion for carbon steel material
  • The overall technology solution must be suitable to be applied at offshore platform (topside) 
  • Able to operate at various operating temperature range
  • Minimal operation and maintenance required for the proposed solution
  • Meets all local and international regulatory requirements related to upstream activities with good and modern petroleum practices globally
  • Analytical capability in measuring / monitoring the level of organic acid corrosion prevention effectiveness will be an added advantage.
  • Proposal shall make reference to the Technical Data Specification

Proposals shall also include relevant technical data and/or information with regards to the technology proposed.







  • Participants must submit the proposals by 31 July 2020.
  • Participants must ensure no confidential information is submitted in the proposal at this stage.
  • Participants are advised to submit a short video that explains the technology. 
  • The challenge is NOT limited to existing PETRONAS’ licensed vendors.
  • All proposal shall be submitted to
  • The proposal should include basic requirements as stipulated here 
  • By submitting any technology proposal or any other materials howsoever (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Submissions”) you agree to be bound by the Official Rules in addition to the terms and conditions relating to the use of this website. You are responsible for reading and understanding the Official Rules 



The selected solution provider will have the opportunity to pilot proposed solution at designated asset in PETRONAS and upon success, opportunity to replicate the solutions to other PETRONAS designated assets. For the pilot, the selected solution provider shall bear all costs incurred and provide ancillary for the deployment.


An opportunity to see your solution in action and collect valuable performance data from the deployment!



The organic acid from full well stream will accelerate corrosion rate (especially CO2 corrosion) for carbon steel material at high pressure system. However, in the absence of CO2 corrosion, organic acid will become a dominant threat to the carbon steel material. Organic acid corrosion typically occurs at pH value of less than 5. 


Technology solutions that are capable to address the issue could bring positive impact in the petroleum industry.




PETRONAS invites proposals with the following criteria:




  • Meets all requirements stated in the “REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL DESCRIPTION” section. 
  • Meets all local and international regulatory requirements.

The system Technology Readiness Level (“TRL”) must meet at least TRL 6 (refer to API 17 N Technology Readiness Level).
*Note: As per API 17 N Scale, TRL 6 is defined as System Installed (Production system installed and tested)


The review of all submissions will be handled by PETRONAS. PETRONAS reserves the sole and absolute right and discretion to select the shortlisted respondents and the winner. The evaluation of proposals and determination of selected proposals will be made by our internal team.


Shortlisted proposals may be requested to perform mock-up test at respondent’s own cost and the site for the mock-up test will be advised by the evaluation team. 


Click here to view the technical data specification