Our Procurement Platform

This section provides information on the PETRONAS procurement process for registered Malaysian-based suppliers who are currently doing business with PETRONAS.

As PETRONAS strives to be the strategic leader in driving commercial advantage and innovation for our partners, we are constantly seeking new ways to integrate the latest technology into our business and operations.


Thus we have embarked on a systems upgrade initiative to enhance the procurement process and introduce new ways of working across the procurement value chain.


In 2012, we introduced the PETRONAS Supplier Self Service portal (SUS) to facilitate procurement transactions and to provide our partners with the flexibility to maintain their information whenever necessary. Building upon this foundation, we are implementing a new unified cloud-based procurement platform, SMART by GEP® to supplement the PETRONAS Supplier Self Service portal (SUS). The SMART by GEP® platform will provide our partners with a centralised system for bid submissions and contract management as well as access to our integrated B2B marketplace platforms for selected categories.


In addition to this, we have also upgraded our licensing & registration portal into a new platform named PETRONAS Licensing Management System (PLMS), to provide a simpler and intuitive channel for anyone who wishes to become a PETRONAS partner. Together with SMART by GEP®, this will provide a streamlined end-to-end procurement experience focused on business efficiency and transparency. 


To learn more about SMART by GEP® and PLMS, please click on the links below or visit our Vendor Announcement Portal.


​PETRONAS Licensing Management System