People of PETRONAS


The Intrepid Explorer

Bacho Pilong


As a part of PETRONAS’ operations team, Bacho Pilong has been around the world. Not bad for a boy with small beginnings in a small island in Sabah. His story is one of perseverance, discovery and making something out of nothing.



Startup in Samarang


Bacho Pilong spent the first five years building his career here. A matured oilfield, Samarang was once feared to be going into decline but Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques have made this field productive once again.
Into Africa


Our endeavors in Sudan began in 1995, expanding today to both upstream and downstream activities. Along with this expansion, PETRONAS has contributed to the nation’s community development through various projects including providing clean water supply, mobile health clinics as well as education and training.
Ruby Field, Vietnam


The Ruby Field represents PETRONAS’ first venture abroad to secure energy. Located 155km off the coast of Vietnam, it was discovered in 1992 by an all-Malaysian team with an initial production of 8,000 barrels per day. Today, the fields are still in operation.
Preparing for the Future


Since our earliest days, we have invested in people. Talented individuals like Bacho Pilong who are given an opportunity to begin a career. In this spirit, we have sponsored more than 12,000 students into local universities and 6,500 to foreign universities, while allocating significant resources in each country of operation to creating better infrastructure.