People of PETRONAS


Energy Pioneer

Ir. Dr Chan Tuck Leong


The world needs energy more than ever before. That's why people like Dr Chan, is going to the ends of the earth, through challenging terrain to lead a project that has no pre-written rulebook.



Unconventional energy, powering the future of the world.


Liquid Natural Gas, or LNG, is hailed as the energy source of the future. And the world is constantly in need of more energy, to power the growth of developing countries and expanding populations. That’s why people like Dr. Chan Tuck Leong are going to the furthest places of the earth, to challenging terrain, to lead a project with no precedent- finding and securing the energy resource of the future.


Explore Dr. Chan’s unconventional energy story.
Unconventional Energy


While it’s tempting to believe that the term unconventional energy means an alternative energy source, it is typically the method of extraction, which is unconventional. As the world grows with our energy demands along with it, we are going into the deep seas, frozen rocky shores and the outback deserts to secure the energy future of the world.


Liquefied Natural Gas, or LNG, is natural gas, predominantly methane that has been cooled to -161°C for ease of storage or transport. It is odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. It is on its way to becoming a mainstream power source for vehicles, primarily large trucks and can be used for heating, cooking and industrial purposes. With an integrated 276-hectare LNG complex in Bintulu, Sarawak, one of the world’s largest LNG facilities, PETRONAS is a major player in LNG, servicing East Asia as its primary markets.


Natural gas is known as a cleaner burning fuel, with less impact on the environment. Recognising this, PETRONAS promotes the use of Natural Gas for Vehicles through its NGV programme in Malaysia, with a focus on the public transport sectors. There are 120 PETRONAS service stations currently equipped to retail NGV, and on the road you may find the Enviro 2000, a 1998 vehicle launched as the first NGV taxis in Malaysia.
PETRONAS And Unconventional Energy


With several projects in the pipeline, PETRONAS recognises the need for this valuable energy resources especially for our future generations. Ably supported by MISC Berhad, the world’s single largest owner and operator of LNG carrier fleet, we are venturing into Australia and Canada to secure energy to power our lives, homes, cities and countries.