People of PETRONAS


Mining for Gems in Unlikely Places

Mustakim Tunipan


The talent scouts from Kimanis Training Centre (KTC) are a little different – for one, they don’t go looking for stars. Instead, they pick the kids most people won’t; the ones near the bottom, the so-called average students. Folks like Mustakim Tunipan make it their mission to unearth such talent and make it shine. It has been said that if you want real gems, you have to dig deeper. Join their search by exploring the locations below.



A New Class of Talent


Kimanis Training Centre (KTC) is for those graduating from school in search of a tertiary education and career path. But PETRONAS’ reach extends beyond, to those much younger.
In conjunction with the government’s efforts to help improve Malaysians' academic performance and soft skills, The Program Sentuhan Ilmu PETRONAS (PSIP) initiative was created. The program is introduced with underprivileged students in mind. This integrated program includes weekly Science, English and Math tuition classes as well as non-academic activities to build character.
To date, PETRONAS has adopted 56 schools nationwide. More than 3,000 students benefit annually through the program with the support of over 400 teachers and 700 PETRONAS volunteers.
Getting Personal


Kimanis Training Centre (KTC) recruitment managers believe in second chances over first impressions. They keep discovering that seemingly quiet, average students harbour lively and inquisitive minds merely waiting for a chance to shine. Here, Mustakim talks to a teacher who shares his beliefs.
Energy of the Future


Kimanis Training Centre (KTC) is producing technicians of the future not just for PETRONAS, but for several notable companies. The training centre can cater to 50 trainees at any one time and that the involvement of Sabahans was crucial in developing the oil and gas sector, especially the Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal (SOGT) in Kimanis Training Centre (KTC).
More than 4,000 employees are required to operate the SOGT which was expected to have a positive impact on the economic well-being of the community.
A total of 25 youths have become the first batch of trainees to undergo a two-year Industry Control and Instrumentation program at the training centre since June 2013.