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18 · Aug · 2016
PETRONAS Did Not Flout the State Law When Sending Staff Offshore
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PETRONAS wishes to put on record that it did not and will not deliberately evade immigration check points when sending employees to its facilities offshore Sarawak.
A news report today alleging that PETRONAS had “shifted” its departure point from Bintulu Port to Kampung Pulau Melayu jetty in Miri to bypass the State’s immigration check points to send its workers to platforms offshore Bintulu is grossly inaccurate.
A journey by boat from Miri to the D35 and Temana platforms offshore Bintulu would take more than six hours and will be gravely perilous. Crew members for the D35 platform are therefore transported via helicopter from the Miri Airport while those for Temana are transported via boat from Bintulu Port.
The Kampung Melayu jetty in Miri, on the other hand, is used to transport staff to its Baram Delta Operation (BDO) facilities in Miri waters.
PETRONAS would like to emphasise that 97% of its 550 offshore workers are Sarawakians who do not require work permits to work in the State.
PETRONAS would like to reiterate that the process of sending employees to its offshore facilities are conducted in full and strict compliance to the relevant State laws and policies.
Sarawak is a key investment State for PETRONAS. As a business entity and responsible employer, PETRONAS takes all measures to ensure that the welfare and work requirements of its employees are well managed so that they are able to deliver their work efficiently and effectively. 
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