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9 · Nov · 2020
PETRONAS Sparks Joy With Light-Hearted Webfilm This Deepavali
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KUALA LUMPUR, 9 November 2020 – PETRONAS is ushering in Deepavali with “Vattam”, an animated musical Webfilm, created as a reminder to rediscover the little joys around us, be it amongst family and friends or in our extended family – as we go through challenging times together.
Drawing inspiration from recent events, “Vattam” -- which loosely translates to a ‘circle’ that represents wholeness and the way family members complete each other -- brings to light the intimate family tradition of making murukku, a traditional savoury snack that is popular amongst all Malaysians. 
A must-have treat during the Festival of Lights, the tradition of making murukku plays a special role in bringing families together weeks before Deepavali. The festivities begin once families gather to “mass-produce” murukku, where different generations in the family bond, catch up, and create unforgettable moments. 
Brought to life through song and dance, the upbeat Webfilm tells the story of four siblings with different personalities, represented by the ingredients and utensils needed to make murukku. Every step and ingredient in the murukku-making process symbolises a family member, where each plays an important role and cannot do without one or the other.
Tensions in the kitchen heightened when the siblings started to bicker over who is playing the most important role, forgetting the most important ingredient of all: family. While narrated in a light-hearted and entertaining musical, “Vattam” sends an important message that family members should always stand by each other, as it is not about who gets the spotlight, but rather how everyone can shine brighter together.
PETRONAS’ festive theme for 2020, “Our Unique Family”, resonates throughout the Webfilm, showcasing Malaysians’ indomitable spirit to overcome obstacles collectively, despite individual differences. “Vattam” concludes PETRONAS’ series of festive Webfilms for this year.
The Webfilm is now live and available for viewing on PETRONAS’ official YouTube channel and Facebook page, while the 60-second commercial will air on TV from today.
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