MPM’s Organisation

Malaysia Petroleum Management (MPM) is entrusted as the governing body for upstream activities in Malaysia

with an unwavering focus on Malaysia’s petroleum development it carries since the founding of PETRONAS in 1974.

MPM derives its strength from being a regulator with a commercial mindset, with an end-to-end view and control of hydrocarbon molecules from extraction from the ground to channeling to markets and customers, and having access to a deep pool of institutionalized expertise both in the upstream and downstream segments of oil and gas business. MPM’s structure and position within PETRONAS allows for independent and timely decision making. The concentration of technical skills and global experience in a single organization allows MPM to be a regulator which truly understands the business and responsive to investors’ needs.


MPM is organized to provide effective supervision throughout the life of upstream assets, from managing investors’ entry, to planning and executing exploration, development, production and abandonment activities. MPM spearheads Malaysia exploration plans and activities to create opportunities through testing of new play types, extensive seismic, non-seismic and geological studies to increase the prospectivity of acreages. MPM is responsible in driving resource maturation and monetization through advanced subsurface studies, ensuring effective development project execution and delivery. MPM also oversees petroleum operations activities by its contractors to ensure optimum production in prudent and safe manner for people, facilities and environment. Finally, MPM manages long-term oil & gas production to safeguard national security of supply in coordination with power, petrochemicals and other industrial sectors in Malaysia.
With around 400 competent professionals under the leadership of current Senior Vice President Ir. M. Firouz Asnan, MPM stands ready to provide effective stewardship of the petroleum resources of Malaysia.
*Info as of January 2021