2 · Feb · 2021
When Decommissioned Rigs Create Wonderlands for Marine Species

PETRONAS recently announced its aspiration for Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050 as part of our journey towards a sustainable future.


However, this is a journey which began 20 years ago with our very own marine life conservation project Rig-to-Reef – where decommissioned rigs are submerged into the sea to create artificial reefs. The project initiated in the year 2000 was a resounding success, with the density of fish at one of the reef-in sites showing a growth of an estimated 3,000 kg in total. We discovered 26 new species from 20 families migrated to the area, compared to only 4 species prior to the reefing.


This is just one of the many ways we care for our environment and enrich lives.


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