Malaysia’s Potentials

Since 1974, Malaysia has produced 9 billion barrels of oil and 50 trillion cubic feet of gas. Currently Malaysia produces around 660,000 barrels of liquids and around 7.0 billion cubic feet of gas per day.
The past 45 years of exploration in Malaysia saw more than 1,200 exploration wells drilled, which resulted in the discovery of around 7 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cubic feet of gas deemed as commercial, of which around 13 billion barrels of oil equivalent has been produced. Despite of the significant discoveries made to date, Malaysia basins still offers variety of play types which has yet to be fully tested.
Malaysia’s Oil & Gas Potentials
(illustrative, not to scale)

Data enrichment effort by MPM to further de-risk the underdeveloped area

Extending the Multi-Client (MC) Seismic to Sarawak Deepwater Area

  • Replicating the success of Sabah MC into East Sabah and Sarawak Deepwater acreages.
  • Better regional understanding using more than 50,000 sqkm of MC data North-West Sabah area.
  • Sarawak MC will provide new insight of the Deepwater prospectivity potential.

Robust Exploration Effort Beyond the Normal Playground

  • Continuation of Klias regional seismic by extending it’s image into transition area.
  • Focusing on identifying workable petroleum system and potential prospects and leads.
  • Application of environmentally friendly new technology which recently proven successful in rejuvenating North Sea fields.

Identifying New Potential Basin for Exploration

  • Extensive Full Tensor Gravity (FTG) acquisition over Malaysia Basin for first hand screening.
  • Easiest and cheapest pre-commitment data acquisition.
  • Generate insight of basin magnitude and sedimentation thickness.
  • FTG show sensitivity to carbonate composition.

Malaysia Seabed Geochemical Survey Program

  • A first step to “smell the oil” by eliminating the source rock uncertainties.
  • More than 650 cores were acquired within the Sarawak and Sabah Deepwater, and the northern part of Malacca Straits.
  • Positive hydrocarbon indication..