About Gas & Power

Natural gas, as the cleanest burning fossil fuel, will continue to be an important fuel, that will power the energy transition towards a low-carbon future.
In Malaysia, PETRONAS’ world class asset performance and diverse customer portfolio allows us to be the ideal solutions partner in delivering natural gas to our clients.

PGB owns and operates the Peninsular Gas Utilisation (PGU) system, comprising six processing plants and approximately 2,623 km of pipelines to process and transmit gas to end-users in the power, industrial and commercial sectors.
PETRONAS processes natural gas piped from offshore fields and transports the processed gas via the PGU pipeline network to customers in Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, it supplies steam and industrial gas to customers at the Kertih Integrated Petrochemical Complex in Terengganu and Gebeng Industrial Area in Pahang.
Malaysia’s very first LNG Regasification Terminal in Melaka and the Regasification Terminal in Pengerang, facilitates the importation of LNG by PETRONAS and third parties, while establishing security of gas supply for the nation.
PETRONAS Energy & Gas Trading (PEGT)

PEGT is the trading and marketing arm of PETRONAS for processed gas in Malaysia and Singapore.
Through PEGT, PETRONAS sustains its competitive advantage of having vast portfolio of reliable and quality gas supplies, access to infrastructure and facilities and diversified portfolio of customers’ segments including Power, Non-Power, Reticulation and Exports.