The best technology solutions allow us to unlock new opportunities and work smarter
in our quest to deliver energy.
From the search for hydrocarbons to extending a field’s life, we have developed the right tools to deliver value. We are dedicated to finding the right technical solutions for the field, from effective geo-imaging solutions to cost effective ways to removing contaminants.

Improving Yields

Whether it’s improving oil production rates or sweetening natural gas, we aim to improve the quality and the quantity of our yields to maximise return.
PETRONAS has developed award winning contaminant removal and operational technology solutions to improve the monetisation of our assets.
Quick Facts:
  • 538 patents filed
  • HycaPure Hg wins 4 local and international awards for innovations in contaminant removal technology 
  • ProAssure Clamp wins ‘JEC Europe Innovation’ award in Oil and Gas category by JEC Composites
  • Sep-iSYS, a separation system for serious contaminants, also reduces footprint and weight by 50% due to less equipment and instrumentation
  • PETRONAS Sand Solutions “Highly Commended” at the Institute of Engineering and Technology Innovation Awards competition 2014

Enhanced Oil Recovery Offshore


We are going a step further to rejuvenate brownfields, extracting maximum value from existing reservoirs.
Improved Oil Recovery, Improved Gas Recovery and Infill Drilling technologies have enabled us to extend the viability of our long producing oil and gas fields.
With Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), we are improving a reservoir’s recovery factor, arresting declining production and extending our assets’ field life – especially offshore.
Quick Facts:
  • 1 billion+ barrels of oil from 14 fields identified for EOR projects worldwide
  • 318 mmstb of oil have been sanctioned as additional reserves in Malaysia through EOR activities
  • 24 IOR / EOR / IGR production enhancement projects under way

High CO2 Fields

Our solutions for carbon capture, utilisation and storage are allowing us to sustainably monetise gas fields with high carbon dioxide content while minimising environmental impact.
Through some creative engineering and innovative implementation of technologies, we are overcoming technical challenges to unlock the full potential of our resources.


World’ largest offshore cryogenic distillation facility

Deepwater Technology


We have capitalised on new developments in deepwater exploration and production to open up new opportunities for growth.
Almost two decades of deepwater experience has given us a core of expertise that enables us to meet the challenges of operating at greater depths – on time, on budget.
Quick Facts:
  • Kanowit is Malaysia's first subsea well with a potential of producing 100 mmscfd from each well
  • More than 20 deepwater well locations worldwide, including Egypt, Mauritania, Brunei and Malaysia

Precise Decision Making

Being able to see what goes on beneath the surface of our reservoirs is priceless.
Our proprietary modeling algorithms help us see the unseen with greater clarity, enabling us to make better decisions about where, when and how to approach our reservoirs for the greatest return.


High Pressure High Temperature

Since drilling our first high pressure high temperature (HPHT) well in 2007, we have made several discoveries under these intense conditions around the world.
With the right capabilities, processes and solutions in place, we have top-mark engineering solutions, while delivering outstanding cost performance and operational efficiency.
Quick Facts:
  • HPHT vertical wells in Malaysia – 4,830 metres depth with 12 gas bearing reservoirs
  • HPHT exploration – Egypt, Malaysia, Turkmenistan

Terengganu Gas Terminal (TGAST)

PETRONAS’ Terengganu Gas Terminal (TGAST), a state-of-the-art facility which is equipped with our own carbon dioxide (CO2) removal technology, is located in Kertih, Terengganu.


The application of this carbon dioxide removal technology will allow us to develop gas fields with high CO2 content.
TGAST has the capacity to process up to 700 mmscfd of gas from the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area (MTJDA) and from the North Malay Basin, offshore Terengganu.
This additional feedgas will help ensure the security and sustainability of gas supply to our customers in Peninsular Malaysia and our own facilities in the region, particularly our integrated petrochemical complexes in the East Coast.  
Quick Facts:
  • TGAST project has successfully achieved 9.5 million safe manhours without Lost-Time Injury (LTI)
  • Built the world’s first PETRONAS CO₂ Removal Technology Plant (PN-1 Membrane System