Silicones, Lube Oil Additives & Chemicals

BRB International BV (or also known as Da Vinci Group) is our wholly owned subsidiary that specialises in silicones, lube oil additives and chemicals.

Produces and supplies a very broad range of core and specialty silicones such as fluids, emulsions, antifoams, silanes, resins, elastomers and many more customised products.

Application: Personal Care; Surface, Laundry & Leather Care; Silicone Elastomer Formulator; Food & Beverages; Construction; Coatings and Inks; Water Treatment and Oil & Gas; Plastic, Rubber, Composites and Industrial Release.

To find out more, visit our subsidiary official website here.

Lube Oil Additives & Chemicals
Due to our high quality additives we facilitate automotive and industrial equipment to operate better and extend the lifecycle. We formulate and manufacture additives that improve the performance of lubricants and fuels. We provide effective treatments to protect the paint outside and the interior inside of cars and ensure windscreen visibility to increase safety.

• Automotive, Industrial, Off-road, Automotive aftermarket, Car Care

To find out more, visit our subsidiary official website here.

Other Products
Our product portfolio is categorised into the following divisions.