PETRONAS’ Response To COVID-19

PETRONAS stands together with Malaysia and the rest of the world in mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought about unprecedented changes and challenges to business and daily lives. We remain committed in upholding our amanah to ensure the well-being of our people, whilst maintaining safe and optimal operation of our businesses across the value chain.

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Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak, PETRONAS has taken decisive measures to ensure the safety of our employees, implementing several proactive steps that manage the risk of exposure and reduce the risk of transmission.
Office-based employees: Special work-from-home arrangement has been implemented since 13 March 2020 for office-based employees to perform their duties. When required to undertake essential duties in the office, employees are reminded to observe strict standard operating procedures such as the use of face masks, hand sanitisers, temperature checks and health declaration, amongst others. All overseas and domestic travel have been deferred, barring business-critical travel which is subjected to the approval and guidelines by national authorities. 
Employees and contractors working offshore: At every operational site, we have implemented the necessary safety measures and additional protocols to ensure the safety of our frontliners as they discharge their essential duties.  These include the provision of standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensuring that the workforce adheres to stringent COVID-19 testing as well as the prescribed quarantine period. 
Retail station employees: We have established standard operating procedures at PETRONAS Stations and Kedai Mesra nationwide including the continuous sanitisation of facilities, adherence to social distancing, controlled number of customers in-store and the use of Setel app to purchase fuel at Setel-enabled stations to minimise physical contact. Our retail employees also abide by the operating hours in accordance with the latest Movement Control Order (MCO).
Mental health support: Recognising that the pandemic has altered lifestyles and led to added pressure, PETRONAS has put in place a support system to help employees and their families cope with everyday stress. This covers 24/7 virtual counselling, Mental First Aid Tool-Kit, Eating Right module and Evening Chat platforms. We have also launched the #WeWishYouWell campaign to drive a more meaningful interaction between PETRONAS and its stakeholders through well-wishes and messages of care and concern. 


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PETRONAS closely monitors the situation in Malaysia as well as in the countries where we operate. We continue to observe the national and local authorities’ guidelines to safeguard the health and safety of our employees and their families. 
The PETRONAS Pandemic Response Team has been set up to curb the risk of COVID-19 transmission across all the Group’s operations. Amongst the steps undertaken include weekly risk assessments, set-up of quarantine centres, staff mobilisation and evacuation plans and on-going collaboration with the Ministry of Health, government agencies and embassies.
COVID-19 Responses within our Operations
  • Among the key SOPs fully implemented domestically is an occupancy limit for employees at any one time at our offices, plants and offshore facilities, while their counterparts work from home to ensure business continuity.
  • Some Upstream operation crew members (specifically offshore personnel and those at selected terminals) must undergo stringent COVID-19 testing as well as adhere to a minimum of seven to 10-day quarantine until their test results are known.
  • We introduced relief, rental waivers and deferments for our retail operations so that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can remain in business. 
  • To mitigate the risk of personnel in LNG shipping operations contracting the virus, the novel Contactless LNG Offloading methodology was introduced.
  • Our Project Delivery and Technology (PD&T) team pivoted to source for alternative supplies from non-affected countries and optimised the Group’s inventories to keep the overall value chain running without interruptions.
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As more segments of society continue to be impacted by COVID-19, PETRONAS is supporting efforts by the Malaysian Government to aid the affected communities. To date, PETRONAS has contributed more than RM100 million towards this cause in cash and in kind, including medical supplies, protective gear and other essentials for frontliners and other members of the communities, both in Malaysia and countries of operation.
PETRONAS’ employees have also voluntarily contributed RM6.4 million from their salary to the Tabung COVID-19 under the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA). The contribution aims to expand funds at NADMA’s disposal towards the distribution of essential supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontliners and volunteers. 
In a bid to foster sustainable financial self-sufficiency amongst low-income Malaysian families, PETRONAS through its Corporate Social Responsibility Arm, Yayasan PETRONAS, has pledged to reach more than 3,000 families across eight states in two years via the MEKAR programme. The forms of assistance include providing access to food, clean water and electricity via renewable energy, upskilling targeted beneficiaries with entrepreneurial traits as well as ensuring sustainable income streams through networks and microfinancing. 
Yayasan PETRONAS is also distributing mobile devices with data connectivity to 12,000 students nationwide, enabling them to have better access to online learning as the education landscape in Malaysia shifts to one of hybrid teaching and learning. The RM30 million worth of digital devices are being supplied to 81 schools in 69 districts, from 17 May until mid-June as part of Yayasan PETRONAS’ commitment to CERDIK, an initiative by Government-Linked Companies and Government-Linked Investment Companies to provide digital access to students from underprivileged families.  
PETRONAS, through its retail subsidiary, PETRONAS Dagangan Berhad, has also set up Food Banks across a number of its fuel stations nationwide to help those afflicted by the pandemic situation and provide an opportunity for Malaysians to help one another through the donation of food and necessities.




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In our commitment to ensure a reliable supply of energy to support the daily requirements of communities, businesses and governments, PETRONAS’ priority is to ensure our business operations continue to run safely and efficiently across the value chain. We are working closely with relevant authorities on the necessary requirements during these MCO periods and will continue to exercise strict compliance to our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) standards and best practices.
As we navigate the complexities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, PETRONAS will continue driving operational efficiencies and commercial excellence while preserving a healthy level of liquidity to strengthen resilience.
The deliberate steps taken throughout 2020 have provided the Group with a stronger foundation to better withstand volatile market conditions and the pace and challenges of the global energy transition. We will persevere in strengthening our mitigation strategies towards cushioning the impact on our business. 
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