At the heart of what moves us

In this pivotal time of energy sustainability, the advantage of natural gas brings more to us than just a fuel to move us forward.

It provides a cleaner option as a lower-carbon energy source. It complements our progress in the transition to a future of sustainability.

With the natural advantage of LNG, PETRONAS aims to bring the world closer to a cleaner future without compromising on energy security.

Building a cleaner tomorrow, starting today

Building a cleaner tomorrow, starting today

How we move today, decides where we go tomorrow. As the first energy company in Asia to pursue net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, we are on multiple pathways that bring us closer each day to a cleaner and greener future.

Operationalizing Sustainable Solutions at Home

We are already making strides into a future-forward direction by leveraging digitization and renewable energy. Our energy-efficient LNG Canada production facility and the electrification of the PETRONAS LNG Complex in Malaysia are some of the steps forward that we've taken.

Building a Better Tomorrow for All

Our greatest impact is in how we can change lives for the better, beyond the energy we provide. Learn more about our commitment as a progressive energy and solutions partner and our efforts to map out a better tomorrow.