Human Capital Investment

Investing in talent is one of the most meaningful ways to give back to society, and we believe that education is the foundation for creating a sustainable future.
In PETRONAS, continuous human capital development has created a sustainable pipeline of skilled workforce. Creating opportunities to attain quality education has been a mantra we uphold; especially at locations where we operate with the aim to positively impact socio economic growth. PETRONAS is committed in strengthening Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”) education, which is vital to drive perpetual progression of a country; aligned to our integrated energy business.


The experience we have created is a microcosm of continuous learning on how education had affected positive outcomes. Over 36,000 young minds from various countries were sponsored through the PETRONAS Education Sponsorship Programme. Those whom have completed their studies are today brimming with fresh innovative ideas and deep capabilities contributing to the socio economic progress.



It is important to PETRONAS that change driven by education and capability development are perpetual. In sustaining the aspiration, PETRONAS had invested on three (3) learning institutions to carry the responsibility in developing, and make ready a pool of workforce equipped with core competencies much sought after in the energy industry.


Realising further that hard targets in form of ‘graduation scroll’ or ‘certificate of competencies’ (in trait skills) should not be the single personal growth driver, our learning institutes expose and facilitate shaping of the right leadership behavioral competencies for the talents.


Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (“UTP”), Institut Teknologi Petroleum PETRONAS (“INSTEP”) and Akademi Laut Malaysia (‘ALAM’) are the learning institutes that provide the needed learning experience in technology & engineering, technical training and maritime studies respectively. These institutes are internationally-recognised learning hubs. INSTEP, for example, has served clients from over 30 countries enrolled at its integrated oil and gas technical training center.


Empowered youths are key to societal progress. Since 2014, PETRONAS pursues to unlock the power of youth in making a difference in their communities. Development and mentorship programmes are designed through the All About Youth Programme to sharpen youth’s soft skills and push their innovations in making a real positive change. This year, the programme reached out to 1,000 secondary students in 50 schools across 5 states. Through project-based learning and design thinking, the students were encouraged to develop solutions to reduce carbon emissions which would contribute to the well-being of society.
From air pollution detectors to carbon converters to fire hazard warning systems, the students worked in teams with the support of their teachers and PETRONAS volunteer buddies through an 11-week programme. The students were tasked at creating planet-saving innovations - and the journey was one which expanded their horizons as they considered how to apply what they had been taught at school about greenhouses gasses, to design solutions to tackle the issue. The students are further encouraged to develop prototypes of their solutions, with a consideration of how their products and services could have commercial potential.


As part of nation-building efforts, we co create with federal and state government agencies in Malaysia in determining the right technical trait courses (i.e. welding, gas pipe fitting, chargemen, building maintenance, chemical and instrumentation) to be delivered at selected institutions under the agencies.


In 1992, PETRONAS initiated the Vocational Institution Sponsorship & Training Assistance (VISTA) programme beginning with welding course at IKM Jasin, IKM Sungai Petani and IKM Pekan to support the Peninsular Gas Utilization (PGU) pipeline project. Since its inception, a total of 26 institutions (i.e. IKM, ILP) have benefitted from the VISTA programme.


To-date, there are 17 active institutions. To ensure the courses will be delivered successfully, these institutions receive provisions that vary according to the needs that include any one or a combination of the following:
  • Training Machines and Equipment;
  • Machines Maintenance;
  • Training consumables (Inclusion of INSTEP module);
  • ‘Training of Trainers’ programme; and
  • Technical advisory.


IPETRONAS is committed to investing for the progression of the society in the future. This commitment has translated into unleashing the potential of our talents and has shaped prominent figures in the industry to-date. We believe the legacy would last with the continuous education investment to the various learning programs in place, and intend to provide compelling learning experiences and more opportunities for people to realise their potential.


The integrated approach we take; by investing in education and human capital development is intended to assist the development of well-rounded and ready societies with core if not supplementary competencies to enrich lives and thus, will continue to contribute to the society to foster a sustainable future.