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15 · Jan · 2020
SAP SUS User ID Clean-up
Dear Sir/Ms/Madam,
Please be informed that in our effort to improve and strengthen SUS access control, PETRONAS has taken the initiative to perform a SUS User ID clean-up activity in the SAP SRM system.
How does this impact you?
  • Moving forward, Dormant/Inactive SUS User ID for more than 90 days will be auto lock by the system. 
  • SUS ID owner will receive email reminder 15 Calendar days prior being locked by the system.
  • Once the User ID is locked, User will not be able to access SUS portal.
What do you need to do?
  • SUS User is required to log in regularly if the ID is still required for further used.
  • In the event your User ID is locked, please refer to instructions provided in the email notification with subject title “[NO REPLY] : Inactive SAP SUD ID - Your account has been locked”.
This activity will take effect on 01/02/2020.
For any enquiries, please email to
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Licensing & Registration Section