31/05/2021  •  5 mins read

Meet BIKE!

Techbyte Series #02

Chai Li Tiing | Illustrations by Ahmad Saiful Syazwan Ahmad Jamil

“Dark, damp and difficult to get in and out of” sounds like a nightmare for those with claustrophobia, yet at times, it is necessary for engineers and technicians to brave these conditions to perform periodic inspections on the internal sections of tanks, tunnels, vessels, pipelines. Confined spaces present a high level of risk for the personnel doing inspection and repair works.

Oxygen deficiency, toxic atmosphere, flowing liquids, excessive heat and all in a pitch-dark situation are among some of the hazards that could cause injury or worse.

But worries be gone, for BIKE is here to save the day!

Using robotics technology, BIKE is designed to safely conduct inspections in confined spaces without compromising quality. This eliminates the need for human inspectors to work on scaffolding, perform abseiling or enter confined spaces, reducing their exposure to hazards to ensure that our people could go home safely to their family.

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