About iG@P

We promote sustainable collaboration with external parties to bring in fast-paced, innovative solutions.
Pushing our boundaries in order to be a progressive energy company.
PETRONAS is continuing to find ways to remain relevant, sustainable and profitable. We see technology as a strategic differentiator to help us stay ahead of the game.

We believe in the power of collaboration when it comes to developing, delivering and sourcing technology for our operations.

Innovation Gateway @ PETRONAS (iG@P) serves as our online crowdsourcing platform that promotes an open, accessible and transparent process where participation from brilliant minds outside of PETRONAS can be celebrated.
Beyond our state-of-the-art technology hubs in Bangi, Turin, London and Brazil, iG@P is another avenue for us to enlarge our innovation funnel and diversify our skills in order to solve our complex business challenges.
By creating a conducive technology development ecosystem, iG@P have crowdsourced more than 800 solutions to deliver PACE in the area of Operational Excellence (OE) and tackling PETRONAS' business pain-points.... steering PETRONAS R&D to focus on Competitive Edge (CE) and Future Positioning (FP) technologies
Dr. Nasir Darman
Chief Technology Officer
Tech Challenges

PETRONAS Technology Agenda