Compact Refrigeration System For Natural Gas Processing


The development of Carbon dioxide (CO₂) separation technology will enable monetisation of undeveloped gas fields with a high level of CO₂, thus providing more opportunities in developing the low-quality gas fields. A Cryogenic distillation concept is identified as one of the separation technologies for bulk CO₂ removal and nitrogen removal from natural gas. The main challenge for Cryogenic distillation of high CO₂ gas with the presence of nitrogen is the high refrigeration energy requirement due to low operating temperature, resulting in high capital cost affecting the overall economics of the project.


Winner: Gasconsult Limited
PETRONAS has recognised the issue on large footprint, complex with heavy equipment which are challenging for offshore applications resulting in unattractive economic to overall projects. In our hunt for a compact refrigeration system for natural gas processing. Zero Refrigerant LNG (ZR-LNG) proposed by Gasconsult Limited to be the most befit solution that is compact and comes with minimal equipment count.

Compact Refrigeration System For Natural Gas Processing

Gasconsult ZR-LNG process is highly differentiated; unlike competing processes, it uses no external refrigerants; just natural gas feed as the refrigerant medium in an optimised system of expanders. This eliminates refrigerant storage and transfer systems and the process equipment used to extract refrigerant components from the feed gas as required for mixed and multi-refrigerant cycles. This also reduces equipment count, capital cost and footprint.
The challenge received an encouraging participation from both local and international companies. Upon comprehensive assessment by a panel of internal subject matter experts in PETRONAS, Gasconsult triumphs over many other encouraging participations by proposing ZR-LNG Technology.
Congratulations Gasconsult Limited and our heartiest gratitude to all participants for your continuous support in the PETRONAS Technology Challenge.