15 · Sep · 2022
Successful i-PIMS Deployment for EnQuest Pipelines

POTF has completed its first external implementation of Integrated Pipeline Integrity Assurance Solution (i-PIMS) to EnQuest Petroleum Production Ltd pipelines (EnQuest). i-PIMS is PETRONAS proprietary software developed in-house and widely used within the Upstream, Downstream and Gas businesses. By delivering i-PIMS capability to EnQuest, pipeline integrity assurance can be demonstrated through database standardization of the pipeline design data, inspection, and maintenance records by creating a unified, integrated operation centre in i-PIMS dedicated to EnQuest pipelines.


“i-PIMS has been a GREAT SUCCESS in short. PETRONAS has successfully deployed a one-stop integrated pipeline integrity management dashboard covering the pipeline integrity assurance life cycle. The approach follows International Standards (ASME B31.8s, API 1160) and incorporates industry best practices. EnQuest Pipeline Integrity Team has taken the first step by signing up for the pilot implementation session – lining up three pipelines. It has been a success from all angles, including a user-friendly interface. EnQuest looks forward to exploring a full i-PIMS deployment for all its pipelines in the coming future”, Navinesh Kumar, EnQuest Pipeline Engineer, attests. The POTF team has successfully deployed i-PIMS implementation for three EnQuest pipelines, including data uploading, Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment, risk Assessment and Integrity Management Plan (IMP) to demonstrate the seamless digital transformation in pipeline integrity management.



Successful i-PIMS deployment for EnQuest pipelines image