28 · Oct · 2022
TTM (T) Ltd. signed up for POTF’s PrAnCorr

Trans Thai-Malaysia (Thailand) Limited (TTM(T)) has awarded POTF a contract to deliver Predictive Analytics for Corrosion (PrAnCorr) solution to its offshore unpiggable pipeline. PrAnCorr is an alternative solution for pipeline operators to substitute the requirement to perform an expensive underwater inspection for direct corrosion assessment, i.e., ICDA/ECDA input data.


Corrosion, the biggest threat to pipeline integrity, requires an in-line inspection to be performed concerning the pipeline risk.


However, for unpiggable pipelines, conventional in-line inspection is not an option and requires an alternative solution. POTF offers PrAnCorr as a cloud-based solution to perform corrosion growth prediction using operation and historical pipeline data driven by a machine learning algorithm. PrAnCorr application aims to optimise the deployment of inspections and helps pipeline operators to attain Green House Gases (GHG) reduction towards net zero carbon emission.