7 · Feb · 2023
Successful PrAnCorr Delivery for TTM (M) Unpiggable Pipeline

PrAnCorr introduces a new era of corrosion discoveries by utilising big data analytics from the Operational, Maintenance, and Monitoring data available within the pipeline operator data library. This breakthrough technology offers a digitalised solution to address pipeline operators’ pain points in managing unpiggable subsea pipelines due to limited technology to address their concerns about pipeline integrity.


In October 2022, Trans Thai-Malay (TTM(M)) expressed interest in PrAnCorr for their short unpiggable pipeline, which connects the production platform to another main trunkline for natural gas evacuation. During the technology deployment, the team provided specific awareness about the technology, performed predictive analytics and defect assessment for current and future projections as per ASME B31G, determined the remaining life and provided relevant recommendations.


Result validation was conducted using historical inspection data, which met TTM(M) ’s expectations. As part of the recommendation, the PrAnCorr result is accepted by TTM(M) and can be incorporated into Risk Assessment, followed by Integrity Maintenance Program (IMP).