06/04/2021  •  3 mins read

Meet ANYmal!

Techbyte Series #01

Chai Li Tiing | Illustrations by Ahmad Saiful Syazwan Ahmad Jamil

How would you like a partner that is as responsive and agile as a member of the police K9 unit? This is soon to be a reality for some engineers and technicians on the offshore platforms at PETRONAS.

ANYmal is a surface operation robot designed with features that allow it to perform autonomous surveillance and inspection in potentially hazardous environments!

Manned and manual operations still account for some 35 per cent of annual operational expenditure for PETRONAS’ Malaysia Assets. In high risk environments such as offshore platforms, manpower training and equipment certification can hike up the cost to operate. 

With ANYmal slated for commercial use in 2022, its deployment is expected to improve workflow and reduce cost, not forgetting to keep our people safe by replacing humans in some higher risk tasks.

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