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Setel paves the way to inclusive mobility for all

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In this day and age, we want everything to be quick, efficient, and easily accessible. Fortunately, mobile phone apps bring convenience at our fingertips. With just a swipe and a tap, we can accomplish multiple tasks and life has never been easier.

Even today, we can buy flight tickets, order lunch, and catch up with our closest friends through mobile apps in an instant. But what about those who hit the road? Is there an app that can make their lives easier too?

Motorists are always struggling to manage the myriad tasks involved in their daily commute. From buying fuel to paying for parking, it can be a chore and a time-consuming process.

Enter Setel, a super app utilising data-driven insights to provide a seamless experience for motorists who are constantly on the go. Introduced in 2018 as the first app in Malaysia to integrate directly with fuel pumps, Setel has since evolved into a full-fledged platform that caters to the needs of over four million motorists across Malaysia.

With just a single app, you can pay for fuel, locate nearby charging stations for your electric vehicles (EV), pay for on-street or building parking and even pay for your insurance and road tax. That’s not all! You can also buy groceries and other essentials from PETRONAS petrol stations in Malaysia directly through the app, saving you time and energy. The best part is you can do it all without leaving your car!

What also sets Setel apart from other apps is its commitment to continuously leverage innovative solutions to address motorists’ daily struggles, making mobility inclusive for everyone, including people with disabilities and young children.

“For a person with disability (PWD) like me, it saves the hassle of having to walk to the cashier to make payments. Everything is so fast and easy, including earning and claiming many Mesra points.”

— 5 star review, Google Play Store

Whatever you are looking for to help with your daily commute, Setel has got you covered with a range of unique features:

Fuel purchase

Enjoy the convenience and comfort of paying for fuel in your vehicle. It is as simple as paying, pumping and to the next destination you go. How great does refueling without having to queue for payment sound like?

“Setel has made my life easier (when refuelling), especially when my kids are in the car. I don’t have to run and check if they are okay.”

— Testimonial on TikTok

The latest feature – “One-tap fueling” allows you to pay for fuel in one tap via the app on your mobile phone or Apple Watch. Furthermore, the more you spend, the more Mesra points you get. You can enjoy up to 3x Mesra points with every fuel purchase.

Running out of storage space? Then use Setel Lite, a lightweight version of the app. No need to worry as Setel Lite has a small download size and works on slower internet connectivity too.

DuitNow QR and SetelPay at retail and online merchants beyond PETRONAS, Kedai Mesra and Café Mesra

No doubt that cashless payment is the way forward. Now, you can even use the app beyond PETRONAS stations as they have integrated DuitNow QR through its partnership with Payments Network Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Setel’s intention is to better serve its core demographic – the motorists – while making the app more inclusive and accessible to a wider customer base across their retail purchases and other needs.

So, use your Setel wallet to pay for purchases from millions of DuitNow merchants nationwide and beyond EV charging, motor insurance, parking and more. Soon, you will also be able to send and receive funds using DuitNow QR and generate your own DuitNow QR to facilitate fund transfers into your e-wallet.

With Setel Pay, you get to enjoy contactless convenience and a guarantee of security when making payments at your favourite stores including Subway, Tealive, Siti Khadijah, Mydin, Kenny Rogers and many more!

24/7 auto assistance

With Setel’s continuous upgrade, more partners are coming on board to ease motorists’ struggles and ‘tap’ your vehicle troubles away with 24/7 auto assistance.  Setel is here to the rescue, whether it is for battery replacement, jump starts, towing, tyre change, emergency fuel, or vehicle unlocking, Setel will help to direct you to its partners whereby you can simply request for help and pay for the services directly through the app.

On-street parking

Parked your vehicle and had trouble finding an autopay machine for your parking tickets? Worry not as Setel allows you to easily pay and extend your street parking session anywhere and anytime. Now available at six councils in Selangor, Perak, and Kelantan.

Automated parking payment

Featuring the advanced technology of license plate recognition, you can park and pay for your parking with no surcharge using the Setel app. Setel enables a hassle-free parking experience for users at popular locations such as Suria KLCC and the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Are you a user of an Electric Vehicle? If yes, you can Setel too. You can search and select their charging locations, view the type of chargers available and activate the EV charging session, and monitor the status of the EV charging, which all can be done remotely. EV charging is now available at over 20 locations and expanding to more locations in Malaysia.


If you are short on time but need to grab a quick bite and also refuel, ‘Setel je’ with the Deliver2Me feature to have food or essentials delivered directly to your vehicle. Enjoy meals from Pasta Panas, treats from Dunkin Donuts, Tealive and other merchants at selected PETRONAS stations, with more coming in the future.

Motor Insurance and Takaful

You can also purchase or renew your motor insurance or takaful with this app. The app makes it easy to get protection by offering a hassle-free comparison of attractive coverage plans from current Setel partners, such as AXA and Etiqa, all of which can be done with short approval times. With just a few clicks, you can now make informed decisions when choosing the best coverage option for your vehicles.

Road tax renewal

What is more convenient than having an in-app road tax renewal without having to fill in any forms? Upon successful renewal on Setel, the road tax will be delivered to your doorstep.

Family Wallet

Sharing is caring! The Family Wallet feature enables you to share e-Wallet, bank card or PETRONAS SmartPay with your loved ones for fuel purchases at PETRONAS stations, auto assistance at selected automotive stores, food and beverage at selected retail stores as well as seasonal parking at KLCC.

“The best feature of Setel is family wallet. All family members can use the same account. If my wife has low credit balance, she can still refuel and pay from the shared account.”

— Testimonial on Twitter

Through Family Wallet, you can invite up to five of your favourite people as members to pay for fuel and items where Setel is accepted as a payment method. This is an ideal function for those who manage the expenses of your loved ones. You can pay, track and budget for the people you love. It only takes one Setel account to pay and collect Mesra points for all!


Some people still enjoy the simplicity of magic cards (read: credit cards). Setel certainly provides added convenience by including the CardTerus feature in the app. With this feature, you can link your credit or debit card and use it to pay directly with Setel, and earn cashback in return. You also get to enjoy up to 3x Mesra points for fuel, 1x Mesra point for Kedai Mesra, and 1x Mesra point for every RM5 transaction on Setel Pay, auto assistance and EV charging.


Want to get your hands on PETRONAS merchandise without leaving your home? You can access the PETRONAS Shop, browse, shop and pay directly through Setel. Keep up to date with the latest discounts and promotions just from a single app.

Cardless PETRONAS SmartPay

Have your own business and looking for an easier way to manage your company’s fleet refuelling needs efficiently? Cardless PETRONAS SmartPay has all the benefits of PETRONAS’ network and the added convenience of a digital solution.

With Cardless PETRONAS SmartPay, there is no more waiting for statements or claims. Transactions and account balance will be updated instantly in real-time on the Setel app and PETRONAS SmartPay dashboard.

Not only that, you can also have your reports on fleet card usage online. You as the business owner or fleet manager can use it for check and balance to improve efficiency and productivity.

With all the features that Setel has, we aspire to provide you with a single-app platform for all motorists in Malaysia, seeking to provide better value and convenience at every stage of your daily journey.

Look out for more features that will be rolled out to ease your transactions with Setel, with more retail partners and online merchants coming on board to make lives simpler and better. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems, anyone regardless of their tech-savviness, can easily use Setel.

Download the app today, and ‘#SetelJe’ for a tap-away convenience.

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