Zero, in the business world, is a magic number when it comes to risk, cost and hassle. It is also a number that has bearings on a different form of long-term business value. As the world transitions towards a zero-carbon future, how we move forward as business owners, and the energy required to get there, matters more than ever.
In recent decades, the uptake of renewable energy has skyrocketed – prompting a rise in cleaner energy solutions that, with each passing year, are getting better and more affordable. This has opened new possibilities for businesses of all shape and sizes to achieve sustained, progressive growth.
But not all energy solutions are created equal. And the same can be said of solutions providers. Choosing a cleaner energy partner with the right expertise and capacity, as well as a proven track record of success, has direct implications on business performance, resiliency and of course, profitability.
As a progressive energy and solutions partner, PETRONAS understands this better than anyone. As part of the M+ by PETRONAS solar solutions brand, we provide a suite of end-to-end, customisable solutions to help our customers’ business progress – including distributed energy for solar rooftop and ground mounted for large scale solar. In the near future, we will also be offering complete clean energy solutions inclusive of energy storage and open access.
Let us give your business the energy it needs to grow as we move towards a better, zero emissions future for all.
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Who We Are
M+ by PETRONAS is a reliable and trusted clean energy provider.
Dedicated Professionals
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What We Offer
M+ by PETRONAS offers tailored solar energy solutions which guarantees savings and requires zero capital expenditure from its customers.
Our Projects
400+ Projects across 24 states of India and 12 Projects across 7 states of Malaysia.

Experienced with a wide range of projects in Malaysia and India, one of the largest owner and operator of solar assets. 
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    Project VEERA

    India's largest single location open access solar farm of 175 MWp at Gadag, Karnataka.
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    Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

    India’s first tracker based solar project for an airport in Bengaluru, Karnataka.
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    LOTUS’S Hypermarket

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    Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering Holdings (MMHE) Berhad

Customers Who Have Trusted Us
Many renowned multinational firms, spinning diverse verticals such as automotive, educational, government institution, small scale industry, medical, corporates, defense & research center, have chosen M+ by PETRONAS as their renewable energy partner.
Our Contribution to Environmental Sustainability
Matured Trees absorbing CO₂ for 40 years
Metric Tonnes of CO2 Emission Avoided
of Green Electricity Produced
*Based on environmental assessment of Amplus’ plants by SERIS.



Registered PV Investor (RPVI) with SEDA

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