FutureTech Accelerator

FutureTech 3.0 is Coming!

FutureTech 3.0 Accelerator Program is happening in Q1 2023, and our Call for Entry is now officially open for application!



A growth accelerator program consists of 1-on-1 mentorship and office hours, lectures, workshops and industry immersion with PETRONAS across 12 weeks. It is a vehicle for PETRONAS & Corporate Partners to influence tech-driven startup ecosystem to serve its business needs and for Nation Building.


This collaboration is aimed to unlock synergies from cross-industries expertise and maximise the value impact of the programme to:



  • Fast track commercialisation

    • More collaborators and partners
    • Rapid iteration cycles

  • Expanded networks for business matching and increased visibility

    • Access to new markets, industry needs, technology and tech leaders to create opportunities for growth.




  • Synergy between industries and Malaysian Government for greater accomplishment.

  • Accelerate Malaysian startup ecosystem development, spur growth of early-stage startups, create employment and accelerate startup technology development to industries.


PETRONAS and Corporate Partners


  • Help business find new growth opportunities and solve business challenges via local startup innovation and collaborations to co-create.