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Gas Pricing in Malaysia

Gas pricing in Malaysia will be based on the Malaysia Reference Price (MRP). MRP refers to the weighted average price (WAP) of liquefied natural gas (LNG) on a free-on-board basis (FOB Basis) that is exported out of Malaysia. This is derived by dividing the total export value of LNG by the total export volume of LNG.



*Conversion: 52 MMBtu equals to 1 MT of LNG



The Department of Statistic Malaysia (“DOSM”) publishes the LNG Export free-on-board Value and LNG Export Volume on a monthly basis.



Why MRP?

Declining relevance



Declining use of HSFO due to regulatory changes & transition to cleaner fuels, particularly in marine fuels, where limits on amount of sulfur is imposed.

Price Marker


MRP has been used as a marker to price downstream gas in Malaysia. It is now being adopted gradually in the upstream sector. Standardising MRP as a price marker across the value chain minimises price reference exposure.

Relevance to Malaysia
Gas Market


MRP reflects the value of gas exported out of Malaysia, where prices are driven by global market dynamic.

Liquid & Sustainable
Price Marker


MRP liquidity is demonstrated in the large volumes and number of buyers of Malaysian LNG. MRP’s sustainability lies in the longevity of supplies available from Malaysia to support its LNG export demand.








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