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Vendor Licensing & Guidelines



Vendor Licensing


Parties who are interested to participate as vendors providing services and product for upstream projects and activities in Malaysia are required to be licensed with PETRONAS. License for vendors are available for both local and foreign companies, with two types of application (license or registration). Specifically, licenses are for the upstream and downstream sectors while registration applies only for the downstream sector. Recently, PETRONAS adopted a digital procurement system with the implementation of a Unified Procurement Platform for PETRONAS vendors that allows more accessibility and incorporates current technological advancements.

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PETRONAS Tenders & Contractors Administrative Manual (PTCAM)


PTCAM is a procurement manual issued for PA Contractors' reference pertaining to all procurement activities related to upstream projects and activities. Established since 2016, PTCAM is strictly for Petroleum Arrangement Contractors’ use to ensure compliance through the Multiparty Negotiation (MPN) form.

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The Purpose of PPGUA


Serves as a key reference to complement the Petroleum Arrangement (PA) contracts by providing standard policies and key requirements in governing Malaysia's upstream activities for a safe and sustainable operations.
Regulate the industry in a transparent manner, for planning and safe execution of the entire life of the asset from exploration until abandonment.
Create an avenue for a structured approach and inculcate operational discipline across upstream activities.
Multiparty Negotiation Form (MPN)

These are some examples of documents in PTCAM relating to PETRONAS' upstream procurement activities


  • 1

    MPN Approval Form

  • 2

    Deed of Integrity Undertaking for non-PETRONAS staff

  • 3

    TCEAR Template (Type 1 Conventional with MPN)

  • 4

    Tender Plan Template (Type 2 Commercial MPN or 3 Technical Assessment with MPN

  • 5

    MPN Bid Document Handover Form

  • 6

    Commercial Bid Opening Form

  • 7

    TCEAR Template (Type 2 Commercial MPN)

  • 8

    TCEAR Template (Type 3 Technical Assessment with MPN)

  • 9

    Outcome of MPN Form

  • 10

    [Type 2] TCEAR, Appendix III - Commercial Ranking and Shortlisting

  • 11

    [Type 3] TCEAR, Appendix III - Technical Assessment Results