Small Field Asset (SFA) PSC Terms

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Small Field Assets (SFA) PSC term is an improvement that encompasses new approach to the fiscal model as well as simplification of the supporting processes.


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The simplified and straightforward SFA fiscal model will facilitate effective monetisation of small fields. At the same time it provides flexibility for the operator to optimise operational costs and maximise the profit margin.





Managing risks are a key factor in investment decisions. Hence, the SFA fiscal model promotes a staggered commitment approach in ensuring sufficient time to evaluate technical and commercial risks prior to development commitment.


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The overall PSC terms are also streamlined to be simple and straightforward.




Contract Duration 10 to 15 years (depending on the asset including abandonment work)
Scope Development, Production, Abandonment ("DPA") of all fields within the contract duration
Development Period Pre-Development
Phase of up to 2 years from effective date
Phase of up to 2 years
Production Period Up to 10 years
(depending on the asset)
Minimum Work Commitment Pre-Development
e.g. Resource assessment and/or maturation study or drilling of 1 appraisal
e.g. Meet First Commercial Production (FCP) as per approved FDAP
Reporting Submission
  • Annual Work Pan (reporting only)
  • FDAP submission i.e. 2 years after PSC signing
Cess Treatment Through Unit of Production ("UOP") basis with a factor of up to 1.5


1.    As an initial reference, you may refer to the standard PSC terms for other terms not mentioned herein
2.    Resource Assessment submissions must adhere to the minimum expectations stipulated and guidelines provided by PETRONAS
3.    Abandonment may take place at any time, and may affect the contract duration
4.    An Annual Work Plan is required if any drilling activity is to be carried out during the Pre-Development Phase




The non-fiscal aspects of the SFA PSC have also been redesigned to provide greater flexibility and empowerment to the operator.





Our aim is to ensure everyone goes home safely. We work closely with our operators to ensure compliance with all prescribed standards in Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE), asset integrity as well as in managing decommissioning. 







The information in this section serves as a reference for Small Field Asset (SFA) PSC terms for applicable Discovered Resource Opportunity (DRO) clusters. 

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Disclaimer: Content provided herewith highlights key principles intended for Small Field Asset (“SFA”) PSC. It is meant to provide general guidance, specific of which will be covered in the draft PSC. The information stated herein is for information purposes only. PETRONAS makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information disclosed hereunder and PETRONAS, its Affiliates, their officers, directors and employees shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to the use of or reliance upon any and/or all of the information disclosed.
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