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Leader in Digital Transformation

Digital Plants of the future is set to transform the overall operations and reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase revenues. PIC clinched the prestigious Asian Downstream Summit Award 2019 in the category of 'Best Digital Transformation Program'.



Digital Technologies Game-changer

Digitalisation was embedded in the overall plant design of PIC, raising the bar in the Asian Oil and Gas industries.

Integrating Operational Technology and Information Technology in plant assets optimises plant operations and enhances safety.

The plants are connected to a larger digital ecosystem which not only enable agile operations but also furnishes the capability to make informed decisions in order to rapidly adapt to changes in operational and market conditions.

Furthermore, digitalisation unlocks the power of data, where measurements and analysis are critical in the aspirations to net zero carbon emissions (NZCE).

Robust digital infrastructure incorporated into PIC's design includes sophisticated digital highways across the entire PIC Complex, linked by a 500km fibre-optic backbone.

Advanced hardware and innovative software, protected with the highest levels of cybersecurity, enable users to work seamlessly and, at the same time, enabling fast data-driven decision-making and fostering cross- functional collaboration.

Digitalisation provides full visibility and transparency of plant operations, eliminates human error, increases efficiency, enables fast data-driven decision making, fosters cross-functional collaboration, and empowers users to constantly anticipate opportunities and manage risks with business value in mind.

PIC is equipped with an extensive range of integrated digital and automated engineering solutions that enhance operations, such as:

Connectivity Infrastructure

Using a mix of WiFi and LTE technology, PIC boasts one of the widest wireless network coverage in the world within a manufacturing zone.

PIC's extensive wireless infrastructure supports digital solutions that enable plant operators to work faster and flexibly on a multitude of tasks.

Barrier Management & Work Control

This 'Safe System of Work' module incorporates analytics elements and integrates the plant ecosystem to enable bi-directional data sharing with SAP, Engineering Management and other systems.

This system boosts productivity with the fully integrated workflow, enabling fast review and approvals for job functions. An analytics element enables bi-directional data sharing with other systems.

Work Management System (WMS)

An integrated, single-platform approach to plant operations management, the WMS comprises 43 interfaces from 17 different sources involving more than 180 data field points, for full visibility of plant operational data. Vital data is displayed on a single dashboard view so the 'health' of the plant can be determined at a glance.

The system's wide-ranging applications, from planning, scheduling and production to sales and distribution, facilitate proactive, outcome-driven monitoring of plant KPIs.

Automated Warehousing

PIC's state-of-the-art Polymer Product Warehouse features cutting-edge Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) technology which seamlessly connects production with storage and distribution, providing excellent safety, operating efficiency and reliability.

The first fully automated rack-supported 'high bay' warehouse for the petrochemical industry in Southeast Asia, it can store up to 21 days inventory of polymer products.

Turnaround Management

Digital Turnaround integrates people and systems into one platform, leading to greater visibility and accuracy of collaboration, enhanced HSE compliance levels, and maximised cost savings.

Asset Performance Management

This system automates asset strategy, asset analysis and strategy implementation, and incorporates a predictive analytics module for early detection of equipment failure

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