Four Lenses of Sustainability

Continued Value Creation

We are actively pursuing more green energy and sustainability initiatives, including solar and biofuel projects.

On-going solar installations in PIC and PAMER have capacities of up to 300 MWp, and the first phase is expected to be operational by 2021.
Safeguard the Environment

We endeavour to safeguard the environment by recognising the impacts of our business at every stage of the value creation cycle.

We take measures to mitigate environmental impacts and put efforts to comply with local and international standards & regulations, including implementation of self-regulation beyond compliance.

Green technology and practices have been embedded since the design stage and built in our facilities, such as recycling stormwater for service water and exhaust waste heat to generate steam.

On top of that, we continue to explore renewable energy and tap new technology, moving closer toward low carbon energy and achieving the NZCE 2050 aspirations.

Positive Social impact

PIC’s #ForPengerang initiative enhances the quality of life of surrounding communities in many ways.

The nurturing of profitable co-operatives, training and upskilling livelihood restoration and income generation programmes such as shrimp-farming in Punggai and mangrove-planting in Pulau Tanjung Surat are some of the efforts taken.

A vast difference is made in the living condition of locals where several upskilling program for local workers and contractors are implemented in the Pengerang area.

Members of the local community in Pengerang are not only offered the chance to train and be employed as mechanical fitters, but the youths are also participating in the special educational programmes endorsed will also have the opportunity to be employed upon graduating.

Responsible Governance

In PIC, we conduct our operations safely & responsibly in all aspects of Health, Safety and the Environment. We put personal safety first, continuously monitor conditions of the receiving environment and community well beings, and respect the communities around us.

PIC Park Rules was developed to set a directive and regulations for any person in PIC to conduct business in a safe, secure, orderly, and sustainable business environment.

Our employees are expected to act in good faith & ensure fidelity, diligence and integrity on all occasions.

With robust policies, we address potential compliance and ethical risks such as whistleblowing, bribery, corruption, and no gift policy.

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