Comprehensive Site Services

Plant Support Services are provided by PRPC UF to support manufacturing facilities. PRPC also provides supplementary services including Building Office Rental (BOR) and Common Facilities & Amenities (CFA) with basic and critical services.
Process Control Buildings
Laboratory Services


Digital Plant Support


Fire Water Supply



*All services are subject to availability.

Critical Services


Security and safety

Site access control, site policing and patrol, perimeter surveillance and CCTV



Emergency medical services


Central emergency & fire services

Fire fighting, hazardous material response, inland oil spil response, fire safety and technical support



Storm water drainage and flood abatement facilities


Other Services
Building Office Rental (BOR)
  • The HIVE Management Office
  • Admin Building
  • Multipurpose Building
On-site Accommodation
  • The HIVE Residence
  • Small Package Contractor Camp



On-site Facilities


Multi Purpose Hall









Convenience Store



The Clubhouse



On-site Parking



Seaside Park



Sport Facilities



Golf Driving Range




*All services are subject to availability.

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