Social Responsibility

Safe Operations

Safe Operations

At PCG, we remain committed to managing the inherent health and safety risks associated with our integrated operations through effective policies and inculcating a safety conscious work culture within our workforce.
Ensuring the safety of our employees at our facilities and plants is paramount. We are guided by our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy, taking every reasonable precaution to eliminate the risk of work-related injuries to protect the well-being of our people.
A strong safety mindset and safety culture reinforces individual responsibility amongst our employees to adhere to proper procedures. Our collective responsibility for each other ensures that all our workers return home safely each day.
In practising a safe work culture, we regularly engage with our employees through safety events such as toolbox talks before beginning any specific job at a worksite. During these talks, the focus is on potential hazards and safe work practices which will help avert risk.
Each manufacturing site has its own HSE Committee, comprising employees and management representatives who are responsible for developing, promoting and evaluating measures to ensure employee safety and health.
Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship is at the core of how we conduct our business and operations as a responsible chemical company.
We regularly and systematically conduct risk assessments on our products to ascertain their risk category. This allows us to communicate accurate and sufficient information to our customers and stakeholders for safe handling and use of our products.
By adhering to the guiding principles of product stewardship, we enable our stakeholders to maximise the value from our products with minimum impact to their health and the environment.
Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through our CSR programmes, we contribute to the well-being and empowerment of local communities within the areas that we operate.

Our CSR activities are guided by the following three pillars:
a) Education
Our Back-to-School programme provides assistance on school necessities to underprivileged students in our areas of operations. This is done with support from Yayasan PETRONAS.
We also conduct chemical safety awareness programmes in schools via our Safe Handling of Chemicals for School (SHOC4School) initiative. Through safety talks, we impart knowledge on safe handling of chemicals, along with basic knowledge of first aid, to science stream students, teachers and school laboratory assistants.
b) Environment
ecoCare, our signature environmental conservation initiative, supports our
sustainability development agenda in line with FTSE4Good requirements.

Through ecoCare, we focus on the reforestation and rehabilitation of
ecologically sensitive mangrove habitat.
Over the years, the programme has evolved from managing the ecosystem along the Kertih river, to setting up the ecoCare Environmental Education Centre (EEC) which serves as a resource centre with facilities that promote awareness and understanding of environmental conservation amongst students, teachers and community.
c) Community Wellbeing and Development
Our Be Green programme is PCG’s commitment towards community
wellbeing through environmental conservation efforts, including addressing plastic pollution, in areas where we operate.
This initiative is closely aligned with the New Plastics Economy and our
journey towards rethinking the future of plastics, as well as advocating for a circular economy where plastics are always reused.
With PCG as the producer of the main component in the production of
plastics, we are championing this effort to educate the public, especially the communities around our areas of operation, to be responsible plastic users for the benefit of our well-being, as well as for the environment and future generations.
Our programme also supports the Government’s efforts to promote the 3R
campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. It is also part of our efforts to encourage ‘green behaviour’ towards achieving a sustainable future.
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