New Plastics Economy

Concern over plastic pollution has increased significantly over the years.
Governments and stakeholders worldwide have begun ramping up efforts to combat this global crisis. As PCG is charting its growth grounded upon sustainability, we are actively pursuing New Plastic Economy agenda via collaborative solutions for sustainable plastic ecosystem anchoring towards circular economy of plastics which is in line with PETRONAS’ statement of purpose: progressive energy and solutions partner, enriching lives for a sustainable future.
In a New Plastics Economy, plastic never becomes waste or pollution. According to Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the New Plastics Economy applies the principles of the circular economy and brings together key stakeholders to rethink and redesign the future of plastics. In this regard, our country is moving in the right direction where circular economy is specifically outlined under the Malaysia Roadmap towards Zero Single Use Plastics by the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC), where Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) is playing a major role as executor.
To support this roadmap, PCG is spearheading a new economic model through a holistic approach, focusing on four key areas; innovation, infrastructure, education and clean up. The model which brings about collaborations from all sectors; government, industry players, NGOs and the public, aims to sustainably manage plastics.


The objective is to recycle plastic waste that cannot be recycled by conventional means.This includes establishing viable collaboration with technology partner in innovative technology solutions to turn wastes into a valuable resources including new feedstock and products.


Partnership and collaboration for an effective and, sustainable waste recovery system which includes collaborating with industry players to evaluate the potential development of (Solid-waste Modular Advanced Recovery and Treatment) facility in Malaysia. This facility will in turn function as feedstock provider for solutions under Innovation.


Enhance awareness of caring for the environment through 3R education by educating students and the community, through PCG signature Be Green Programme, on proper waste segregation and keeping the area clean.;


Imparting knowledge, addressing misconceptions and promoting change in behaviour and culture through education. This includes plastic education for primary and secondary school by producing an educational module titled ‘The Plastic, Sustainability and You’ to complement existing curriculum and be used as reference for teachers in class. The module emphasises that everyone has a role to play in reducing global warming and marine litter, which negatively impact environmental sustainability in managing waste responsibly. The content is available in Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil.
Primary School

The Plastic, Environment and You in Bahasa Malaysia

The Plastic, Environment and You in English

The Plastic, Environment and You in Mandarin

The Plastic, Environment and You in Tamil

Secondary School

The Plastic, Sustainability and You in Bahasa Malaysia

The Plastic, Sustainability and You in English

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