Operated by our Gas Processing & Utilities (GPU) Division, our utilities production serves customers across many industries with a wide range of products to meet their specific needs. Our utilities production is conducted at two complexes namely Utilities Kertih (UK) in Terengganu and Utilities Gebeng (UG) in Pahang. Strategically located adjacent to the Kertih Integrated Petrochemical Complex and Gebeng Industrial Area respectively, our centralised utilities provide competitive edge to the petrochemical plants and surrounding industries with reliable supply of products.


Maintaining excellence in plant operations, our Utilities business recorded its best performance for the last five years in 2020, achieving 100% product delivery reliability for electricity, steam and industrial gases. This was complemented by the commendable performance on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) at 100% for electricity and industrial gas, whereas steam achieved 99.8%.


Electricity and Steam

Electricity and Steam

The electricity and steam are produced by Co-generation Plant for Petrochemical Businesses in Kertih and Gebeng. Our Co-generation Plant can generate electricity at high level of efficiency with lower amount of fuel gas. Since this energy is generated on-site, the load on the power network is minimised, and transmission line losses are prevented.


Fuelled by natural gas, the plant has combined export capacity of 350 MW of electricity and up to 1,320 tph of steam.


We offer wide range of electricity and steam specification



  • 11 kV
  • 33 kV
  • 132 kV



  • High High Pressure (HHP) at 100 BarG
  • High Pressure (HP) at 54 BarG
  • Intermediate Pressure (IP) at 25 BarG
  • Low Pressure (LP) at 5 BarG


Market Application


  • Petrochemical
  • Industrial Manufacturing


Industrial Gasses

Industrial Gasses

The Air Separation Unit Plant (ASU), use the cryogenic fractional distillation at a very low temperature separate air gases based on their boiling point. At PGB, the ASU produce high purity Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon in gaseous and liquid form for various industries requirement.


Market Application



  • Petrochemical
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Refining
  • Metal Industries



  • Purging
  • Blanketing
  • Food packaging
  • Electronics
  • Metal Industries



  • Shield gas in welding
  • Heat treating
  • Lighting industries
  • Metal Industries


Treated Water

Treated Water

PGB’s centralised utilities and facilities distribute efficient and reliable utilities for petrochemical business within Kertih and Gebeng. These include various types of treated water – demineralised, boiler feed, cooling and wastewater treatment.


Demineralised Water

Demineralised water is specially purified water that has had most, or all of its mineral and salt ions removed through deionisation via resin exchange.


Market Application


  • Feed water for high pressure boilers
  • Steam driven turbines
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical


Boiler Feedwater

Proper treatment of boiler feed water is an important part of operating and maintaining a boiler system. To protect the boiler from contaminants which can cause corrosion, they should be controlled or removed, trough external or internal treatment. PGB’s produce and supply high purity boiler feed water through deaeration process for petrochemical industries.


Cooling water

Cooling water flows through a closed piping system that circulates water through various pieces of equipment.


Wastewater treatment

PGB’s Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a secondary treatment system that used the activated sludge process to treat the combined effluents from Petrochemical Plants in Kertih. The effluents are treated to meet Malaysia Environmental Quality Act 1979, Third Schedule Standard B.


Activities and Process


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