Responsible Governance

Social Sustainability

Commitment to Health, Safety and Security


PGB upholds the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce and the protection of our assets, communities, environment, and all stakeholders as reflected in the PGB Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy. The policy sets out the Company’s guiding principle in managing risks and hazards relevant to the business operations.

HSE Management

We oversee the governance of the HSE through implementation of the HSE Management System. All our Leadership Teams (LT) upholds and drives safety excellence through their leadership values, competencies and behaviours. They are responsible for understanding and mitigating risks as well as maintaining and assuring safeguards for the business. 

Risk Management

Various controls and preventive measures are implemented based on a risk-based prioritisation and comprehensive processes to understand and analyse HSE risks as well as their impacts on our people, assets, reputation and environment. Specialised techniques is used for identification of HSE hazards and effects which include Hazard Identification (HAZID), Process Hazard Analysis (PHA), Health Risk Assessment (HRA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA). This risk-based approach is applied across our value chain, encompassing new projects and existing operations.

Process Safety

In preventing Major Process Safety Incident with serious impact, we apply Process Safety Principles in designing, building, operating and maintaining our facilities. In order to achieve the target of No Process Safety Accidents, we rigorously monitored our compliance to the PETRONAS Standards and work towards closing any identified gaps. This involved consolidated teamwork among Top Management, staff and our frontliners.

Emergency Preparedness

PGB adopts PETRONAS Resiliency Model (PRM); an integrated view on the strategy for managing risks in three areas, namely Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Crisis Management (CM), and Business Continuity Management (BCM) as depicted in PRM by Group Risk Management (GRM). This prepares us to execute prompt and coordinated response and recovery in the event of an emergency and crisis. PGB divisions have developed Incident Action Plan to address COVID-19 Response and increased mitigation measures to curb the spread of COVID-19 virus among staff and contractors.