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9 · Dec · 2015
PETRONAS Drives Corporate Integrity Culture Through Dialogue
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In conjunction with the International Anti-Corruption Day, PETRONAS organised a roundtable dialogue to discuss methods of embedding integrity into corporate culture in Kuala Lumpur on 9 December 2015.
The session, hosted by the office of PETRONAS’ Chief Integrity Officer (CIO), saw the consolidation of ideas and identification of challenges related to the promotion of values that reflect integrity, specifically in the oil & gas industry.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, PETRONAS’ CIO, Datuk Samsiah Abu Bakar said that in line with the government’s initiative to uphold integrity, PETRONAS is committed to continue encouraging vendors and partners to comply with the company’s standards and requirements to ensure the highest level of integrity is observed and practiced.
“This dialogue also provides an avenue for PETRONAS to share the company’s corporate best practices in ensuring good governance, as well as to obtain new approaches that would help us make further improvements,” said Datuk Samsiah.
Among the topics discussed were how to address corruption issues; managing corruption risks; preventing corruption through third party due diligence; and corruption prevention through education.
Moderated by the Secretary-General of TI-Malaysia, Dr. Muhammad Mohan; PETRONAS together with the Consultant of the Advisory and Consultancy Division of Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), Mr. Teh Chau Chin also discussed key concerns affecting integrity and transparency of business operations in the private sectors with the participants. 
In addition, Dr. Muhammad Mohan shared a forthcoming anti-bribery management system that is targeted to be applied in Malaysia by September 2016. The standard, known as the ISO 37001, is currently being developed by ISO/PC 278 with participants from 30 countries where TI-Malaysia is a representative in the main committee. Among the countries involved are the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Singapore and more.
“PETRONAS hopes that the session will promote a more collective action among PETRONAS’ contractors and business partners as well as foster ethical business transactions,” said Datuk Samsiah.
PETRONAS already has in place a Corporate Integrity Agenda, which covers governance programmes like the Vendor Integrity Programmes (PVIP), Whistleblowing Policy and No Gift Policy, to continuously ensure integrity is upheld across its business operations.
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