Students & Graduates

PETRONAS is made up of a young workforce, with 56% of our people below the age of 36. Ranked by Malaysia's 100 Leading Graduate Employers (M100) as the employer of choice for two consecutive years, PETRONAS is a great place to launch a career that is enriched with knowledge, technical and leadership skills.
We know that applying for your first internship or job can be an overwhelming experience. No matter what your ambition may be, we encourage you to take your time to discover the opportunities we have to offer and see where you might fit in.


This is a dynamic platform designed to provide undergraduates from related disciplines with hands-on experience in the oil & gas industry, and a chance to engage in various areas of a global company’s operations.


The following three significant objectives have been incorporated into the programme:

  1. Gain experience of integrating theoretical knowledge and its application in the industry. 
  2. Acquire knowledge, skills and mindset to shorten the undergraduate’s learning curve.
  3. Accelerate the process of identifying potential talents for PETRONAS talents strategy employment.;



  1. Malaysian or PETRONAS Sponsored Student pursuing an undergraduate degree in higher learning institutions, either in Malaysia or overseas, in related disciplines where internship is a mandatory part of course completion (preference will be given to third and final year students).
  2. Application is also open to Malaysian pursuing diploma degree in higher learning institutions, either in Malaysia or overseas, in technical / engineering disciplines where internship is a mandatory part of course completion
  3. Internship participation for a minimum duration of three (3) months and maximum of eight (8) months.
  4. Submission of the following documents (completed documents MUST be submitted via the application portal)
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • Copy of latest academic results
    • Copy of the Industrial Training / Internship Letter (signed by the University)


Terms & Conditions:

  1. Application must be submitted three (3) months prior to the commencement of internship period.
  2. Should you not receive any reply from us within two (2) months prior to start date of your internship duration, please consider your application as unsuccessful.
  3. Acceptance OR declination of offer must be notified within five (5) working days.
  4. Only online applications will be entertained. Postal / courier applications are deemed as incomplete.
Graduate Employability Enhancement Scheme (GEES)
The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has recently introduced a Short-Term Employment Programme called MySTEP to be implemented starting from 2021 with the objective to provide short-term employment opportunities and working experience thus to increase employability for school leavers and unemployed graduates meeting the eligibility criteria. Under MySTEP, participating Government Linked Company (GLC) such as PETRONAS may participate in either one of the initiatives offered such as Penjana Kerjaya 2.0 or Professional Training and Education for Growing Entrepreneurs (PROTÉGÉ) Ready-To-Work (RTW) Programme.
For more details on MyStep GLC, please log on to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) website for latest information:

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PETRONAS is supporting MySTEP’s PROTÉGÉ-RTW initiative through its Graduate Employability Enhancement Scheme (GEES).  GEES aims to enhance employability of new graduates to obtain long term employment or to set up their own businesses after completing the programme. Under GEES, participants will be exposed to real working environment within PETRONAS Group of Companies. 

This programme is open to university graduates with a Bachelor’s degree /Master’s degree/ACCA certification to support the following functions in PETRONAS:
Technical Functions:
Non-Technical Functions:
1.       Finances & Accounts
2.      Civil, Structural and Pipeline Engineering
3.      Petroleum Engineering
4.      Geoscience
5.      Electrical Engineering
6.      Instrumentation / Control Engineering
7.      Materials, Corrosion and Inspection Engineering
8.      Process Technology / Process Operation
9.      Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)
10.    Project Management
11.    Maintenance Management
12.    Drilling
1.       Finances & Accounts
2.      Business Planning & Development
3.      Marketing & Trading
4.      Procurement / Supply Chain Management
5.      Legal
6.      Human Resource
7.      Facilities Management
8.      Strategic Communications
9.      Security
10.    Internal Audit
11.    Risk Management
12.    Learning Facilitator
13.    Knowledge Management
14.    Library
15.    Change Management
16.    Capability Management


Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Malaysian citizen not more than 26 years old.
  2. Minimum Bachelor's Degree holder with minimum CGPA of 3.0.
  3. Unemployed or under-employed in non-relevant areas of graduate’s qualifications.
  4. Have not attended any similar program offered by other GLCs/companies.
Terms & Conditions:
  1. The application is open all year round. If you do not receive any reply from us within six (6) months after your application date, please consider your application as unsuccessful.
  2. Acceptance OR declination of offer must be notified within three (3) calendar days.
  3. Only online applications will be entertained. Email/ postal / courier applications are deemed as incomplete.
By submitting your application, you agree to our Data Privacy Statement. Click here to read the Data Privacy Statement for the GEES programme.
PETRONAS Education Sponsorship


PETRONAS offers academic sponsorships to deserving students every year under our Education Sponsorship Programme.
Over 36,000 students have benefitted from the programme since 1975. They were selected based on their academic achievement and ability to push boundaries with a performance mindset and leadership capabilities. These criteria remain our focus as we continue nurturing the right talents that will ultimately contribute to the growth of the company, industry and nation.