Progressing Energy


Our processing plants transform and refine our petroleum resources into high-quality, value-added products for the domestic and international markets.


With a refining capacity of over 700 kilobarrels per day, our processing plants transform and refine crude oil and various alternative raw materials into high-value petroleum products such as gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, gasoil, bitumen, fuel oil and lubricant base oil.

We are also exploring other ventures in the biofuels space with co-processing at our existing facilities.

Our refineries in Malaysia are located at:


Kerteh, Terengganu – operated by PETRONAS Penapisan (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd


Sungai Udang, Melaka – operated by Malaysia Refining Company Sdn Bhd


Pengerang, Johor – operated by Pengerang Refining Company Sdn Bhd

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