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The story of PETRONAS maximising value from crude oil begins here. Leveraging cutting edge technology, advanced infrastructure and expertise, we refine crude oil into high-quality, value-added petroleum products that meet the needs of multiple industries and market segments.

PETRONAS refines crude oil into high-quality, value-added petroleum products with a combined refining capacity of more than 700 kilo barrels per day (kbpd) to fulfill the demands of the domestic and worldwide markets.

We leverage a perfect fit of cutting-edge technology, advanced infrastructure and expertise to ensure world-class plant reliability and continuous supply, essential for transportation, power generation and industrial usage.

The drive toward constant value delivery continues as we make progress to provide sustainable fuels, including Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO) through planned development of Greenfield biorefinery and co-processing at existing facilities.

The shift from fossil fuels to low carbon products will enable us to contribute to a sustainable future with practical and clean energy alternatives.

Pengerang Integrated Complex

The Pengerang Integrated Complex is a world-class refinery and petrochemical plant that capitalises on its design advantage to deliver clean energy and low carbon solutions through a sustainable business model on the back of operational excellence. 

The facility converts crude into high-quality fuel to cater to the needs of the country, and at the same time, it manufactures premium and distinctive petrochemicals that produce a variety of high-demand, higher-end consumer items.

PIC also plays an integral role in propelling PETRONAS to achieve its net zero carbon goals by 2050. To that end, several sustainable projects such as a bio-refinery and solar projects are underway. 

PIC’s amenities include a plastics and fine chemicals park, a light and medium industrial park, a waste management centre, and logistical and commercial hubs, all of which contribute to the site’s status as a major economic force in the region.

Furthermore, its strategic location close to important international shipping lanes and demand hubs provides a competitive advantage to better cater to customers.

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