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Malaysia OGSE Industry Initiatives

This section provides an overview of various industry initiatives implemented to shape and assist Malaysian Oil & Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE) vendors and enhance its competitiveness to grow. We hope to see our vendors become globally competitive and contribute to the country’s economic growth, promote a healthy ecosystem and safeguard strategic national interests.

  • Vendor Development Program
  • Access To Financing
  • Malaysia Tax Incentives Guidebook
  • Road To Bursa
  • Human Capital
  • Beyond Home
  • Innovation & Technology Think Tank
  • OGSE Vendor Programme Calendar

Vendor Development Program

PETRONAS VDP focuses on nurturing Bumiputera vendors to be resilient and sustainable to achieve the following objectives:

  • Technically competent
  • Commercially attractive
  • Developing home grown technologies
  • Fostering growth and going international
  • Candidate for KLSE listing – long term objectives


The custodian of VDP is Ministry of Entrepreneur Development And Cooperative (MEDAC), responsible to regulate the programme and define the eligibility criteria for VDP Vendor which is meeting the SME requirement and minimum of 51% Bumiputera ownership.

VDP has evolved since its inception in 1993. The program has been successfully implemented and undergone various phases of learnings, in tandem with different challenges faced by the industry.

Today, PETRONAS VDP has produced world class Bumiputera companies that are able to compete in global markets with success stories of international footprint in over 30 countries, listed at Bursa Malaysia, awards & accreditation by international and local agencies and invention of Malaysian made products.



VDP focuses on Import Substitution, Critical Growth and Regional Growth.

Nurture OGSE Bumiputera SMEs

PETRONAS VDP program objective is to create resilient and competitive Bumiputera SMEs to support the Malaysian oil & gas eco system.

How to be apart of VDP Programme:

• PETRONAS will invite potential candidates on Competitive Bidding mode for the approved VDP scope
Interested Vendors may also register via

How does VDP Programme works?

VDP Infographic

1. Proposal
Kindly send your interest to become PETRONAS VDP Vendor by submitting your proposal to In this section, general company and individual information is requested.

2. Tendering
Your proposal(s) will be made accessible to PETRONAS internal community and will be selected via competitive bidding.

3. Appointment
Upon being successful, you will be appointed as PETRONAS VDP Vendor for a certain scope and duration.

4. Development
You will be developed on a certain focus area from an agreed KPI with PETRONAS.

5. Graduation
You will be assessed by PETRONAS based on development milestone and will be graduated upon achieved all KPI.



The VDPx is an innovative approach to inject new momentum and scale-up SME development in collaboration with main contractors and industry enablers. 

Nation Building In Collaboration With Our Oil & Gas Partners.

The idea is for PETRONAS to focus on creating an eco system for Malaysian OGSE companies to develop their capabilities to become resilient and competitive to succeed in the global market. PETRONAS collaborates with its partners towards supporting the vendor development program with following objectives:
• Groom more SMEs at a faster rate
• Enhance industry competitiveness
• Elevate local capability building

How to be apart of VDPx Programme:

• PETRONAS will identify and establish collaboration with suitable Anchor or Enabler
• Anchor to appoint and develop VDPx Vendor
• Enablers to help accelerate growth of vendors in their area of expertise
• Interested companies/agencies may register their interest by sending email to

How does VDPx Programme works?


1. Proposal
Kindly send your interest to be a part of PETRONAS VDPx Programme as Anchor or Enabler by submitting your proposal to In this section, general company and individual information is requested.

2. Assessment
Your proposal(s) will be made accessible to PETRONAS internal community for profiling to ensure alignment with PETRONAS category strategies / VDP scopes

3. Appointment
- Upon being successful, you will be appointed either as VDPx Anchor or Enabler for a certain scope and duration via Memorandum of Understanding
For application as VDPx Vendor, please submit your proposal directly to VDPx Anchors
For application to contact our Enablers, please submit your inquiry to


VDP InnoTech

VDP InnoTech is designed to embrace Industrial Revolution 4.0, aspire to promote and nurture Bumiputera SMEs for innovation, technology advancement and the ownership of IP wholly or partly to penetrate growth in cutting-edge era of technology & digitalization.

Embracing Industrial Revolution 4.0

Promote innovation for technology advancement among local SMEs within the Oil & Gas ecosystem.
To encourage more new value add technologies adoption by PETRONAS assets and facilities which will enhance efficiency and promote cost optimization.


How to be apart of VDP InnoTech Programme

• Vendor can participate in PETRONAS Technology Marketplace and/or Technology Challenge via innovation Gateway @ PETRONAS
• PETRONAS will assess successful vendor for VDP InnoTech programme.
• Interested Vendors may also register via for PETRONAS' consideration

How does VDP InnoTech Programme works?

VDP Inno Infographic

1. Participate / proposal
- Kindly participate in PETRONAS Technology Challenge or submit your technology proposal to PETRONAS Technology Marketplace via

2. Identify
- You will be identified as potential VDP InnoTech vendor for a successful innovation solution

3. Assessment
- Your company will be made accessible to PETRONAS internal community for VDP InnoTech assessment

4. Appointment
- Upon being successful, you will be appointed as PETRONAS VDP InnoTech Vendor for a certain scope and duration

5. Development
- You will be developed on a certain focus area from an agreed KPI with PETRONAS

6. Graduation
- You will be assessed by PETRONAS based on development milestone and will be graduated upon achieved all KPI

For further inquiries on VDP, please email to

Access to Financing

PETRONAS has developed an innovative partnership with Malaysian financial institutions to facilitate Access to Financing (A2F) to its vendors via OGSE Vendor Financing Program (VFP). PETRONAS facilitates the program by providing verification platform on contracts awarded and performance of contractors.  

By subscribing to this program, vendors will obtain credit facility faster and at favorable terms. It also aims to assist vendors in securing working capital and improve cash-flow for sustainability.

Please refer to the poster below to know more about the program and how to apply.






Malaysia Tax Incentives Guidebook

In collaboration with Ministry of International Trade and Investment (MITI) and Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), PETRONAS has published the inaugural Malaysia Tax Incentives: Compilation and Guide for Oil & Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE) industry.

The guide was produced to match as closely as possible to the activities in PETRONAS’ Licensing Standard Work and Equipment Categories (SWECs), aim to facilitate OGSE players investment decisions to spur Malaysia’s oil and gas industry.

There are 28 tax incentives identified relevant to the OGSE industry. The incentives listed in this guide are beneficial for the OGSE players’ financial planning and will ease their efforts in identifying the most suitable incentives for their respective businesses.

Malaysia Tax Incentives: Compilation and Guide for Oil & Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE) Sector

Malaysia Tax Incentives

Click Here to Download

Road to Bursa

Road To Bursa (R2B) program is established to support and facilitate local vendors to adopt corporate governance standards that qualify for Bursa listing.  

At minimum, the program aims to push vendors to strengthen its capabilities based on listing criteria.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with various Investment Banks and Corporate Finance Advisors were formalized on 18 February 2020. The MoU was set to ease Oil & Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE) vendors’ selection of advisors who will support them with the Initial Public Offering (IPO) readiness.

The MoU, however, does not limit the OGSE vendors from selecting and working with other investment banks and corporate finance advisors. 

Please refer to the poster to know more about the program.

Reach Out to our Advisors' representative in-charge of the programme;

Bank Name KAF Investment Bank Berhad
Contact Person Ahmad Fazlee Aziz, Director
Address Level 14, Chulan Tower No 3 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Phone/Mobile No. +603 - 2171 0228


Bank Name MIDF Amanah Investment Bank Berhad
Contact Person Anuar Omar, Head of Corporate Finance
Muhammad Haziq Irfan bin Hassim, Corporate Finance
Address Level 9, Menara MIDF, 82 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone/Mobile No. +603 - 2173 8219
+603 - 2772 1615


Bank Name DWA Advisory Sdn Bhd
Contact Person Muhammad Sabberi Badrul Jamil, Senior Principal
Address D-3A-11 Capital 4 Oasis Square No 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Ara Damansara 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Phone/Mobile No. +603 - 7490 5767


Bank Name MainStreet Advisers Sdn Bhd
Contact Person James Goh, Head Corporate Finance
Address Unit 906, Level 9, Block A, Pusat Dagangan Phileo Damansara 2, No. 15 Jalan 16/11 Off Jalan Damansara, 46350 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone/Mobile No. +603 – 7968 3398

Road to Bursa


Bank Name Wyncorp Advisory Sdn Bhd
Contact Person Moh Jiun Haur, Director
Address 50-4-9, Level 4 and 50-6-8, Level 6 Wisma UOA Damansara, 50 Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Phone/Mobile No. +603 – 2096 2286


Bursa Malaysia
(IPO Marketing)
Contact Person Muhd Farrish Ishak, Vice President
Phone/Mobile No. +603-2034 7068


Bursa Malaysia
(IPO Marketing)
Contact Person Wong Kong Loong, Vice President
Phone/Mobile No. +603-2034 7533


Bursa Malaysia
(IPO Marketing)
Contact Person Siti Khalida Khalid, Senior Manager
Phone/Mobile No. +603-2034 7159


Contact Connect to Collaborate (C2C)


Human Capital

PETRONAS has collaborated with Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) through its training institute, Akademi Binaan Malaysia (ABM) to implement a sustainable approach for local talent development.

This initiative helps to channel levy and training grants timely to the right skills through competent training providers and aims to increase number of Malaysian skilled workforce timely as required by industry.

The first edition of Industrial Skills Framework covers core and in-demand skill sets in Oil & Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE)  focusing on Maintenance, Turnaround and Projects for Onshore Facilities and Downstream Plants.

Industrial Skill Framework for Oil, Gas & Energy First Edition

Human Capital

0Click Here to Download

HRD Corp

0 Visit Us for More Details

Beyond Home

PETRONAS has launched the Beyond Home initiative in collaboration with Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) to facilitate, enable and nudge Malaysian oil & gas vendors to move out and capture global markets. The initiative aims to empower local vendors to be more competitive and resilient.

Various series of Beyond Home programs were implemented where vendors were exposed to series of talks ranging from how to understand local nuances of different countries, international business opportunities and tips/sharing presentation from vendors who have been successfully growing their business in other countries.

Click here to register as PETRONAS international vendor and learn about international tender opportunities.

Beyond Home

Beyond Home Myanmar (2018) and Beyond Home 2019 events

Innovation & Technology Think Tank

Bringing innovative technology solutions together through:


Technology Challenge

Companies can propose solutions for specific pain points from PETRONAS. Winning solutions are given opportunity to be further developed for deployment at PETRONAS sites.

0Learn More


Technology Marketplace

A channel to bring forth technology solutions. Technology with value add will be considered the Technology of Choice and those with potential candidate for VDP InnoTech.

0Learn More




Inviting visionary entrepreneurs with breakthrough technologies and innovative business models in PETRONAS FutureTech. PETRONAS corporate venture capital may invest in shortlisted candidate as a growth accelerator partner in Malaysia to influence technology-driven startup ecosystem while serving PETRONAS business needs.

0Learn More


PETRONAS Project Management

Join our transformation journey towards adopting global industry best practices to improve productivity, project predictability and profitability while enhanced planning work process and execution methodology, enabled by digital and analytics. 

For more information on the initiatives, you may refer to the links below:

0Learn More

Project Delivery Digital Eco-system (PDE)

Lean improvement of processes & AI ecosystem towards prescriptive project management solutions.

0Learn More


Construction-Based Engineering (CBE)

Engineering interface & process improvements towards cost optimisation via Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Project Production Management (PPM).

0Learn More



Disruptive For Growth (DFG)

Engine for step change in project delivery eco-system through R&D of project delivery practices.


Joint Industry Programme (JIP)

Collaboration across industry for standardisation of specification.



Delivering HSE effectively using technology & digitalisation with greater pace and value creation.


Design One Build Many (D1BM)

Maximising value through design replication and standardisation.


Smart Project Site (SPS)

Adoption of robotics & smart devices to deliver insights & optimisation at project site.


OGSE Vendor Programme Calendar

This section is applicable for all PETRONAS Licensed & Registered (L&R) vendors to register for OGSE Vendor Programmes specified in the calendar below. OGSE Vendor Programmes are designed to promote and drive sustainability and resiliency of OGSE ecosystem in Malaysia via strategic collaboration amongst various stakeholders within the industry. To register for the programme, please click the link provided. Registration will be closed three (3) days before each scheduled programme.


Programme Calendar 

Updated as of 08 March 2023

January February March April May June



21 March:

SME Sustainability Series:
Charting the Sustainable Path For SMEs



July August September October November December








  Programme Details 

21 March 2023 (Tuesday)
08:30am – 05:00pm

SME Sustainability Series 2023: Charting the Sustainability Path for SMEs
Awareness series exclusively for PETRONAS Licensed & Registered (SMEs) vendors in adopting Sustainability.

Eligibility: Licensed and Registered (SMEs) Vendors

  MD/CEO or Senior Management





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