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18 · Mar · 2022
PETRONAS Launches BeDigital Bootcamp To Strengthen Local Graduates’ Digital Literacy
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KUALA LUMPUR, 18 March 2022 – PETRONAS has launched its inaugural BeDigital Bootcamp, a two-week curated programme to strengthen local graduates’ digital literacy to meet the demands of current and future job markets.


The programme also aims to support human capital development towards achieving the nation’s digital economy aspirations.


The first bootcamp was held in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, in collaboration with the Center of Applied Data Science (CADS), Microsoft, Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) and Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).


The bootcamp’s first cohort consisted of 18 students from UMS who underwent digital-oriented modules conducted by trainers from PETRONAS Digital Sdn Bhd (PDSB), Center of Applied Data Science (CADS), Microsoft, SEEd.Lab, Petrosains and PETRONAS Leadership Centre.


PETRONAS Chief Digital Officer Aadrin Azly said at the bootcamp launch, “We aim to decode ‘How can we enhance the employability of Malaysians?’, and digital is one of the obvious options. The BeDigital Bootcamp was designed with the objective of enhancing local talents’ employability before they join the workforce.


“Once equipped with this bolstered leadership and innovative mindset, they can explore the realm of digital entrepreneurship, become digital technical specialists or venture into other digital roles within the job market. Participants also stand a chance to be selected for a role in PETRONAS,” he added.


Meanwhile, TCS also plans to absorb outstanding participants from the BeDigital Bootcamp through its Initial Learning Program (ILP) graduate hiring programme, in which the youths will undergo a 60-day technical training. Subsequently they will be deployed to projects that engage TCS’ digital services.


Microsoft on the other hand plans to supports these participants through industry and Digital Entrepreneurship placements to sharpen their digital skills, nurture their experiences and expertise in the realm of entrepreneurship and build networks within the community in which they would like their talent to grow. CADS is inviting participants to join its Data Star initiative to get further access to upskill and connect to CADS’ extensive network of partners to build and grow their careers.


Since the completion of the bootcamp, five participants have received conditional employment offers from PETRONAS while another five have received employment offers from TCS. In addition, the remaining participants were invited for interviews with the rest of the bootcamp partners for possible work placements or industrial training opportunities.


This initiative is part of continuous efforts between PETRONAS and the Sabah State Government that support mutual progress and shared success. Human capital development is one of the key pillars in which the parties cooperate in their collective pursuit for sustainability.