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28 · Aug · 2015
PETRONAS Promotes Love for Nation Through #tanahairku campaign
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Johor Bahru, 28 August 2015 – The spirit of patriotism and love for the nation was at a high during the launch of PETRONAS’ National and Malaysia Day 2015 campaign here today. Staying true to its commitment towards promoting social cohesion, the campaign this year consists of three initiatives - #tanahairku street art, ‘akrab’ webfilm and TVC and Misi #tanahairku, each showcasing the best of a Malaysia in its own way.
PETRONAS Senior General of Group Strategic Communications, Liz Kamaruddin said, “Through the National and Malaysia Day 2015 campaign, we hope to present Malaysia as a unique melting pot of cultures and traditions. We strongly believe that these and the common values we share are what make us Malaysians, a message we hope will come through in this campaign.”
For the past two decades, PETRONAS has brought Malaysians together through its memorable festive communications.
It was also announced that #tanahairku 2015 will cover three states – Johor, Sarawak and Sabah. Through this initiative, a total of 22 street artists have been commissioned to paint 10 selected walls in Johor Bahru, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.  
“PETRONAS’ #tanahairku campaign serves as a subtle reminder to the younger generation as to what makes Malaysia special,” said Liz. “We use street art as our medium to reach out and stir conversations because creative expressions have the power to transform people’s behaviors. We hope that these artworks will do just that,” she added.
At the launch, PETRONAS also released its highly anticipated National and Malaysia Day 2015 web film titled ‘akrab’. Set in 1957, the film tells the story of three boys, who travelled from small town Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur to witness the symbolic ‘Laungan Merdeka’.  The 5-minute web film highlights the value of friendship and perseverance; two elements that contribute to unity in a multiracial community.
In addition to #tanahairku and the web film, PETRONAS also launched ‘Misi #tanahairku’ in the middle of August. The ‘mission’ had a Malaysian personality, Razif Hashim, embarking on a nationwide journey, to gather and share stories about Malaysia, through the eyes of everyday Malaysians. These stories are shared via social media, in hopes of raising the spirit of national pride and love for the country.
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