PETRONAS Honours Beauty of Culture, Heritage in First Festive Film of 2023

2023 Media Release - 20 Jan

KUALA LUMPUR, 20 January 2023 – PETRONAS’ first festive film of the year, to be released this weekend in conjunction with the Chinese New Year, highlights the beauty of diverse cultures and heritage in Malaysia.

Aaron delivering bad news to Uncle Neoh at his frame shop.

The film, titled 'Yǐ Hé Wéi Guì' or 'The Negotiation', tells the tale of a group of shopkeepers served a notice of eviction on the eve of Chinese New Year. Determined not to lose the place that had brought them generations of joy and memories, the community bands together to save their history, heritage, home and way of life. 

Directed by Prem Pillai, who has helmed multiple award-winning advertising films, 'Yǐ Hé Wéi Guì'  brings to the forefront the significance of having honest and open conversations to find common ground, thus allowing collective growth and prosperity. 

The Singgah Dulu folks reacting to the proposed development plan which will have them evicted.

PETRONAS Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications, Datin Anita Azrina Abdul Aziz, said, "Our cultural heritage is an important aspect that forms our identity and the diverse backdrop of our nation. Despite our different backgrounds, our diverse cultures emphasise the same values, which will continue to be the foundation of our harmonious existence.”

An epic battle of “Goodminton” to reclaim the land of Singgah Dulu, long ago.

The richness of heritage, customs and culture will be embedded in all PETRONAS’ festive films this year, anchoring on its 2023 festive theme, ‘Roots of Our Future’.

Catch 'Yǐ Hé Wéi Guì' on PETRONAS' official social media channels from 21 January.