PETRONAS Presents Final Episode of 366 - A Story on the Courage to Live Again

2022 Media Release - 27 Dec

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 December 2022 – PETRONAS has released the seventh and final episode of its 366 drama series, ‘Hari Ke-366’, ending the suspense with a positive note on taking second chances and the courage to live again.

Lim and Margaret try to rekindle their relationship in this final episode.

Throughout 2022, 366’s episodes were released in conjunction with Malaysia’s major festivals. Each episode features stories from the viewpoint of its characters - Zhi Yi’s for Chinese New Year, Poji’s for Hari Raya, Adam’s for Kaamatan, Marilyn’s for Gawai, Vikram’s for National Day and Malaysia Day, and Jyoti’s for Deepavali. 

The first episode focuses on Zhi Yi, who lost her memory following a bus accident. Subsequently, she agreed to store her memory using a special technology called Ka’andaman with the help of her family and friends.

The final episode reveals the outcome of the Ka'andaman procedure. How will Zhi Yi, her family and friends react to the outcome? Also, what will become of the love triangle between Adam, Zhi Yi, and Poji?

The finale sheds light on the love triangle between Adam, Zhi Yi, and Poji.

The finale also features a special appearance by Lewis Hamilton, eight-time world champion Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One driver.

Award-winning director Kabir Bhatia crafted the story plot of every character and their challenges around the love and unity of Malaysians - in coming together and being a support system for one another during challenging times, regardless of their differences.

The final episode, 'Hari Ke-366' (Day 366) presents the resolution of all main characters' journey in the 366 drama series.

"As we approach the end of the drama series 366, we would like to express our gratitude to all Malaysians who have been part of this seven-episode journey. We hope that everyone has enjoyed the series and be inspired to be courageous in striving for a better and more meaningful life," said Datin Anita Azrina Abdul Aziz, PETRONAS' Senior General Manager of Group Strategic Communications.

Watch our characters overcome their various challenges one last time in "366: Hari Ke-366", available on all PETRONAS official social media channels.