PETRONAS Showcases Spirit of Iban Warrior in its Latest Gawai Festive Film

2023 Media Release - 22 May

KUALA LUMPUR, 22 May 2023 – PETRONAS has debuted its latest festive film in conjunction with Gawai celebrations, ‘Budak Terabai’. The film showcases the beauty of the Ngajat dance, an art form rooted in Iban heritage, through the story of a young social media influencer as he reconnects with his warrior spirit.

In the story, Toni, a teenage TikTok dancer with a massive fanbase, returns to his family’s longhouse in Miri, Sarawak to celebrate the festivities. As he walks through the longhouse, he comes across his younger cousin Jeff, who is effortlessly performing the Ngajat dance.

Captivated by Jeff’s performance and eager to learn the dance, Toni seeks guidance from his uncle.  However, his uncle doubts Toni's warrior spirit and dismisses his request, leaving Toni disheartened.

Refusing to accept defeat, Toni embarks on a personal quest to prove that his talent as a dancer enables him to master any form of dance.

PETRONAS Senior General Manager, Group Strategic Relations and Communications, Datin Anita Azrina Abdul Aziz said, "Beyond the vibrant Ngajat dance that brings joy to the Gawai festivities, lies a tradition brimming with the warmth of familial bonds and the profound joy of collective celebration. Together, they celebrate the grandeur of a tradition handed down by their ancestors.

"It is the spirit of familial bonds and dedicated preservation of this cultural legacy that have inspired PETRONAS’ creation of this film, part of a series that anchors on PETRONAS’ festive celebration theme for 2023 ‘Roots for the Future’, " she added.

Join Toni on his journey to embrace his ancestral art form in this film, now available on PETRONAS' Facebook and YouTube channels.